Go See Mad Max

If you miss a chance to see Mad Max on the big screen in 3D, your life will be just a little bit emptier.

It’s an hour and a half since the credits rolled, and I still can’t believe what I experienced. I don’t want to hype it to the point of disappointment, but I will say that I don’t think a film like this has ever been made before, and nothing has blown my mind like this since THE MATRIX.

This is, in my opinion, the greatest action film made to date. And they really don’t need to make a WOOL film or a SAND film anymore. Themes from both books, along with settings and characters (even preferred actors) are all in here. I’m satisfied. Thank you, George Miller and everyone involved with this masterpiece. Wow.

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  1. Do you think the 3D part required to see it (In other words, does it seem the film was shot and designed with 3D in mind, so the framing, pace, composition etc. are “off” without it, and you’re not really getting the director’s vision) Or was it more used for an occasional “wow” factor, not really intrinsic to the experience? (I ask as a mono-visioned person).

    1. The 3D was seamless. The director says he recommends seeing it in 2D, but I can’t imagine not having seen it in 3D. Never distracting. Just immersive.

    2. I went to what was suppose to be a 2D showing, but the theater was having issues with the projector and we ended up being given glasses and watching it in 3D. I was annoyed at first, as 3D in the past sometimes gives me a headache. SO glad the project messed up. The 3D just made it all the more fun!

  2. Am overjoyed about the buzz and reviews for this. For me, the original Road Warrior was and remains one of the greatest action-sci-fi movies ever. I don’t know if RW getting a half-assed H-Wood re-boot and revision is something I could take. I still have a worn VHS copy of the original in a faded jacket that’s been following me around for over 20 years that I’ll NEVER part with, my wife’s de-cluttering logic be damned. And I don’t even own a VCR anymore! That’s how much I love the original.

    If you’ve followed the H-wood trades or screenwriting news then you know that “Fury” has been cooking, simmering and often stewing for well over 10 years now. May even be 15 in the making. Gibson was in talks originally to come back for the re-boot at first and then the issue of the new lead caused a lot of bounce, which happens. Anyone remember the Nick Cage-Kevin Smith scripted Superman? Did you know that for over ten years Iron Man languished in development hell because no name actor or capable director wanted to touch it? But that was pre-Batman Begins, when almost every superhero movie turned out awful no matter what was put into them. That Miller’s attached never in question for Fury always gave me a warm fuzzy

    Anyhoo, I was both exhilarated and terrified once word and pics of Fury started leaking out as finally being on the way to theatres but now all appears well. Hardy looks perfect a Max and how can you possibly beat Hugh Keays-Byrne, the original “Toe-Cutter”, coming back as the new villain! Awesomeness distilled.

  3. Okay, Hugh … I’m on it. I hit the movies with my 84 year old mother about twice a month – she likes the high-action flicks … who am I to argue :-) thanks for recommendation! -mark

  4. Loved Mad Max since I was a kid watching it to death. Can’t wait to see the new one. I’ve been waiting like 10 years for this baby to come out. How’s Tom Hardy as Max?

    1. Hardy is perfect. I’d rather see him than an older Gibson. The film was too physical for today’s Gibson.

  5. Reviews are all good from what I’ve seen so far, too.

  6. The preview clip reminded me a lot of the Borderlands computer game series. Am I off-mark with this thought?

  7. I can’t wait to see it again. The action is over the top, but feels real. The Production Design is spectacular. The script is lean and mean. The score is great.

    I liked the callbacks to the earlier films. They were nice without being overdone.
    – The appearance of the crows (a thematic element in MM).
    – I think one of the flashback frames (showing a skull) was straight out of MM.
    – Hardy wore the same leg brace and jacket that Gibson wore in TRW.
    – Hardy’s long hair at the start was reminiscent of Gibson’s in MM:BT.

    My minor complaints:
    – The trailers show too much.
    – Immortan Joe was creepy, but he wasn’t threatening enough.
    – I felt like something was held back in Immortan Joe’s story arc at the end (trying to avoid spoilers).

    See it on the biggest screen you can find, in 2D. :)

  8. Wow. I was on the fence but you pushed me over

  9. MM: Fury Road was fun. The storm in particular was pure jaw-dropping awesomeness.

    Oddly, though, I’m kind of torn on it. I think I liked 1981’s The Road Warrior better overall. This film was less of a sausage fest, true, but not by all that much: remember Warrior Woman? She kicked some butt, too. And not one of the new baddies even comes close to the pure crazy-eyed insanity of Vernon Wells’s mohawked Wez in the original film. And there was no Feral Kid in the new one…

    But maybe I’m just being nostalgic. :)

  10. I’m glad you felt the same way! It certainly earned its score on RT. And it’s nice to see some practical effects instead of being smothered by CGI. Every crash, every jump, every fight, even every explosion – done with real people and real things. Which is just too cool. After seeing it my dad turned to me and said, “I wonder how many stunt men died filming this…” As it turns out, none!

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  14. I agree almost 100% with you, Hugh. It’s definitely the movie to see this summer, especially if you’re an action lover, but I still think Gibson gave the better performance, especially in Road Warrior. That being said, Fury Road is amazing, and Hardy’s performance is more than serviceable, his character fits in perfectly with this new world, and his Max is a welcome entry to the mythology of the Mad Max series.

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