Hanging with Jack Fogg

Yesterday was quite the treat. I had lunch at one of my favorite NY dives with Jack Fogg, my editor at Random House UK. The cool thing about meeting someone you’ve had a lot of online interaction with is that you pick up where a handful of conversations have already left off. This cat has had an amazing life already, and he’s only 31. The list of books he’s acquired and authors he’s worked with is stunning. One of his recent releases is the new Rod Stewart biography, which I’m dying to read after hearing what went into the writing of the book.

We ended up walking from SoHo back to Times Square, with a detour through the NY Public Library and a pub. It was fascinating to hear his perspective on the publishing business, what makes for a good editor, and about his own writing. Jack is the reason the UK edition is a tighter work than the original. He’s also the one riding my ass to get the next books complete, so the rest of you can ease up a bit if you like. ;)

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  1. Definitely chomping at the bit, just using the in-between time to catch up on some other reading that I “need” to get done. In a way it’s a good thing! Done yet? :-)

    I guess I missed the memo on the UK revision – so it’s a revised version of WOOL? Is this only available in the hardback? I’m looking to buy physical books, and this might force me to stop by the bookstore in London on my next trip!

  2. Jack Fogg. Sounds like a character in a British spy novel. :)

    1. I had the sense that he could’ve killed me while drinking a martini.

  3. Forgive me for shirking due diligence, and not slogging through old posts for an answer to a question asked, I’m sure, a quabillion times, (although, in the time and brevity I’m wasting with this long winded wind-up, I could’ve found it, forgotten it and remembered it again), but I sure would like to know if I can get one of them there Europeanish Wools. Signed, if possible!

    I am prepared to beg/guilt you into it. Cards to play: 1) Woolite from way back (review #500 something on Amazon, “Wool gathering time is nigh”); 2) Well, that’s it really..oh! Nope! This– emergency surgery for internal hernia last week! Pic of gnarly incision and staples on FB. Very I, Zombie like and gross!
    And, pain meds, obviously, still a factor!

    Anywho…let me know!


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