The opposite of real elections…

So, GoodReads just announced the semifinalists in their 2012 Award categories. You all are brilliant, as WOOL made the list in science fiction (and I’m still somehow clinging to the author category). In real elections, almost nobody votes in the primaries. They wait until the very end. I have a feeling the GoodReads Awards might do the opposite by wearing people out early.

However, if you feel like waiting in line for zero seconds and clicking a choice in an easy-to-understand ballot, I certainly won’t stop you!

You can vote for WOOL here.

Or vote for me here, though please keep in mind that I didn’t bring you very many sex scenes this year, so I probably don’t deserve this one.

Update: It’s just been pointed out to me that the power of your write-in votes placed I, ZOMBIE in the semi-finals for best horror book of 2012!! That’s amazing!! I wonder if that means my vote for Harrison Ford for President was counted as well?!

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  1. Dear Hugh,

    The link “You can vote for WOOL here.” seems broken.

    BTW, I already voted =D


    1. Fixed! Thanks for pointing that out!

  2. I think I voted for Wool twice now. And, yeah, Goodreads might wear us down, but I’ll keep voting until I get tired of it.

    (Harrison Ford?)

    1. Did you see him on that airplane kicking presidential butt?!

      1. Oh yea! Air Force 1, classic.

  3. Alright!! Congrats!!! I wrote in I, Zombie and was kinda surprised to see it in there earlier today. Glad it’s there though – it deserves it!

    1. Hey, I helped with that write-in campaign too!

  4. I just voted for Wool . . . first time voting on Goodreads.

    1. Then you’re the underdog . . . even better. I’d rather this award go to a self-published writer. The publishing houses have Hugo awards. And, I actually, read Wool on a weeknight, which transmogrified me into a zombie. I did, however, recommend the free version of Wool 1 on Kindle to my American co-workers here at the prep school. Maybe . . . they’ll vote for the underdog as well, and make a nice imprint on carpeted walkways of the . . . others. Just kidding, I’m still a huge/hugo supporter of John Scalzi.

      1. See, what I mean, awash in typos from sleep deprivation. The hardcover of Wool should come with those wake-up pills with the red rooster on them from back in the day, the kind I used to pop in university by the package.

  5. And this is where Hugh steals the election, because his online fanbase is bigger and more mobilized than a traditionally-published author’s ;)

    1. Man, I don’t know… Did you see the vote tally so far? It’s in the hundreds of thousands. I’m pretty sure I’m getting trounced. My victory is just in being there!

  6. My wife is going to be pissed….I didn’t vote for the prez, but I did for Hugh Howey!!

  7. Voted… Now where’s my sticker!

  8. Hey Hugh,
    G’day from the West Coast of OZ. Wool read by a cousin in Manchester UK and recommendation wired across to the far side of the globe. Great read and… vote cast. I’m now waiting to read Second Shift!

    1. Thanks, Tim! And thank your cousin for me! :)

  9. Three votes cast in your favor, the very least I can do! :)

    Also, is where can we Canadians buy signed copies of Second Shift to add to our collections?

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