Nobody Clean!

There will be a lot of DUST today. All I can ask is that nobody clean. Please. Be that disruptive force. Hope. Dream. Live.

Go outside and play.

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  1. I’ve had to stop Ender’s game just now, because I’d rather have a DUSTY weekend.

  2. Hey Hugh, congratulations on getting Dust out! My kindle is already shaking giddily in anticipation of learning the events through my eyes.

    I thought this might be a good time for a somewhat technical question (apologies if it has been asked before).
    What kind of software do you use to write your books? I’m using a word processor and storing each chapter in a separate document for easier mental management. But i was wondering if maybe i’m losing out on organizing it this way. Also i found that it might be beneficial to somehow tag the characters so that when i suddenly realize that Steve is a much better name for an eel than Earl, i could quickly review without falling into the search/replace trap.

  3. Not available yet for nook! Please help if you can.

    1. I sent customer service an e-mail. Unfortunately, the Nook store isn’t geared for indies the same way Amazon and Kobo are. We can’t do pre-orders, so we can only hit “publish” ahead of time and hope they’ll get to our book. There’s no phone number for us to call, either. It says it’s processing. I hit “publish” during dinner, giving it a head start, but to no avail. :(

      1. Thanks Hugh! I’ll keep checking w/ B&N. I read a lot of sci fi and the SILO series is truly unique. Sorry the story has to end but I can’t wait to see what happens.

        1. Folks on Facebook who have Nooks are saying they’ve gotten it now…

  4. Glenda Inabinet Avatar

    Major DUST storm today in Charleston, S.C. Staying inside!

  5. I want to read Dust this weekend but I don’t see the ebook available at Barnes and Noble yet! Wishing I had a Kindle right about now.

    1. Wow, I checked again after 20 minutes expecting to still not see Dust, but there it is!

  6. Ahhhh…such genuine pleasure to turn the Fire’s wireless on this morning and see a lovely yellow book cover magically appear on the Carousel!

    I will put off the actual download just a bit in order to truly savor the wrap-up.

    Thank you, Hugh, for the books (of course), and for sharing so much of your experience with us readers. May you find time to let us tag along for years to come!

  7. Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, now Wool (Dust). Technology = gluttony, and how sweet it is. Thanks so much Hugh, I’ve had a three-month bender on your work. So glad I came across the WSJ article on what you’ve done.

  8. I am outside reading it. Does that count? Thanks!

    1. As long as you have your cleaning suit on, you should be good for a little bit.

      1. Make sure it’s one of the good ones, prepared by Supply. ;-)

  9. Does it help you out any more statistic wise to buy from B&N instead of the direct Paypal/e-junkie?

    1. Nope. It doesn’t matter. Just get whatever works best for you. Thanks for asking!

  10. I have been staring at an ugly brownish-yellowish cover for two days and have gone no further than Hugh’s signature. I decided last month to return to the beginning…Wool 1…so I could experience the whole ride all the way through Dust. I guess I overestimated my reading speed (or forgot how freakin’ long those individual novellas are combined) but I am now 10% through Third Shift and intend to finish it by tomorrow.

    I don’t regret it at all though, because its amazing how many details I forgot from before and now as I start into Dust, the story will still be fresh. Guess its just the “Christmas morning” guy in me.

    Somehow, I get the feeling Hugh is a big-time Christmas Eve cheater!

    1. I started reading Dust today, and I have the same problem. I can’t decide if I should hack my way through Dust and let things catch up, or just start the whole series over so its all fresh. Not that rereading the other books again is a bad thing, I’m just excited for the ending!

  11. So looking forward to Dust!
    Much better to spend the day reading than cleaning!
    I have a Sony Reader and can’t find an epub version.

  12. From the “You can’t make this stuff up” category, I just had Chinese food for lunch today and found the following inside my fortune cookie:

    “Excellent day for dusting. Start with a few old dreams.”

    This would have made absolutely no sense to me under any other circumstances, yet now it is incredibly profound and a little jarring! Old dreams you say?

    Hugh I am about to email you a picture of it :)

  13. Thank you for having a DRM free way to buy the book and not forcing me to find alternative methods for obtaining it. I just bought it and uploaded it to my Google Play Books account. I can’t wait to read it on my Android tablet.

  14. Seriously, had set an alarm for midnight and was annoyed that it took until 2am before I got my book from amazon, but I must say I have been happily Dusting since then!

  15. I just finished it. Best damn book of yours I ever read. I’m just blown away. Thank you Hugh for doing your world of the silos justice. Loved every single part of that book.

  16. Can’t believe I’m finally reading the final instalment of the Wool Saga. I will not be reading it quickly, just small bite sized chunks, because I don’t wont the journey to end. Thirteen chapters in and loving it.

  17. Just checked the Kindle Top 100. Dust is at #10. Cool.

  18. I got myself all ready to plunge into Dust at about three this morning, then began having second thoughts. It has been awhile since I finished Shift, so recent events in the Silo aren’t as fresh in my mind as they could be… which means I should probably go back and start at the very beginning. I have done that before, with Harry Potter and the Dark Tower series, and I see that other Woolites are doing the same, so I won’t feel too guilty about waiting to dive into the final chapter. I love the anticipation of having something really special waiting for me, so I think this is the way to go.

    I rarely get so excited about a new book release, but I have been on pins and needles for the last couple of weeks. What an amazing ride this has been! Hugh, thank you again for a completely amazing, unexpected, exhilarating journey; I can’t wait to see what comes next.

    1. Scratch that. Dust tonight, and then I’ll just reread the whole works again, beginning to end. I can’t wait another moment!

  19. Loved Dust Hugh – read it all today thanks to my very understanding wife (the lawn will still be there tomorrow… I hope)!

    I also had time to post a 5 star review on Amazon, even though they held my pre-order up when Dust was released at 2am my time and so I had to buy it a second time to start reading it immediately :p

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. See if you can return one of those copies! :)

      1. No worries there, Amazon takes care of its customers just like you do! Once I get a refund I’ll have to look around for a signed copy for my bookshelf of honor (also containing Bradbury, Rand, Huxley and Orwell)!

        Thanks again, and keep up the great work!

  20. Dust has been on my bedside table for a few days now…staring me down painfully. I am swamped in “work” to the point it is killing me to see Dust just sitting there…ahhhh, but if I pick it up, I will want to devour it whole and no more “work” for me. So for now I must not Dust until the work is done. Meditate, meditate, Ommmmmmmmmmm. :-) BTW Hugh: You & your delicious talent so totally Rock my world !

  21. Hugh — I’m pretty much speechless! What an *amazing* finale to the thrill ride of the Wool saga. I re-read Wool and Shift last week, so I’d be completely up to speed, then plunged right into Dust first thing yesterday morning and finished it in 10 hours. Cried through the last 30 pages. (Gotta say… there were a few points where I was thinking, “NO! He didn’t! NOOOOO…!” But there are no guarantees for anybody in Wool-world, are there?)

    I agree with the folks who are saying “thank you” for not making us wait years and years for the wrap-up. There’s something to be said for having the entire saga spun out over a short period of time. Although… it’s over??

    It’s not really over, is it, Hugh?

    1. Thanks, Carol! I feel truly blessed to have had this journey with you all!

  22. Hugh,
    Dust was so good, that after a 12 hour shift (I’m a nurse), I stayed up and read the entire thing. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. The story was better than I could have hoped for. I can only say that this was the best series I have ever read and had a satisfying ending. I have felt betrayed by authors before and wanted to thank you for staying true to your characters. Bravo! Will be reading the entire series over again. :)

  23. Hi Hugh,
    I don’t know if you did it on purpose, but if so I wanted to thank you for setting the release date on a weekend. I started reading the book yesterday morning and couldn’t stop until I finished it today – so I’m pretty glad I didn’t had to face work in the middle…
    It was an awesome ending to the saga and I keep thinking on all the characters that didn’t made it and wondering about the fate of the other silos.

    I do have a quick question though – are you planning any book reading tour in NY sometime in the future?


  24. Pre ordered Dust back in May. Just finished reading it on my Surface Tablet Kindle app. AWESOME. That’s all I can say. Thanks Hugh for the great ride!

  25. I just finished Dust and I LOVED IT! Love love loved it! and I see opportunity for more stories! LOL Yup, I am greedy. Great work! Thank you for this entrancing world! Now, waiting for Molly Fyde’s next installment! LOL no pressure…

  26. It was a beautiful weekend in South Florida but I happily spent it DUSTing. I can’t remember the last time I read a book that quickly. It was perfect. In every way. And the ending left me with the best feeling you can ask for when a beloved story concludes: SATISFIED.


  27. Frank Ch. Eigler Avatar
    Frank Ch. Eigler

    Great ending to the saga, thanks a lot, Hugh.
    Would you entertain some plot questions sometime?

  28. Just finished Dust. Couldn’t put it down. It took me only two days to gulp it down.
    Once again…Brilliant!
    Thanks so much for the awesome adventure, Hugh.

  29. I finished DUST yesterday, and LOVED it – great way to end it. Thanks Hugh – I’ve really enjoyed the whole series and have been spreading the word where I can!

  30. I spent the weekend deep in Dust, and it was fantastic! Thanks again for another really good story!

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