I have the most talented fans!

I swear, my readers have more talent than I do. Expand this post to see the flurry of stuff that’s come in this week.

First, if you’ve wondered what the sensor towers look like, Paul Embree absolutely nailed it:

Here’s a badass schematic for the tower. Be SURE to click on it to see the full detail:

Now we come to the art of Nisays, who rendered this awesome WIP of Jules:

Last but no way are they least are these unreal and professional-quality schematics for entire Silo levels. These were put together by Jerry Yeti, one of the cool cats who showed up for the NYC Meet-up. In fact, he pretty much was responsible for us getting together at all. Be ABSOLUTELY SURE to click on the schematic to see the full-size version. The detail is stunning. And yeah, the file is big (and totally worth it!)



Oh, one more thing. I thought I came up with a good slogan the other day for a bumper sticker. And then the member who goes by DAD blew me out of the water by coming up with these three gems (and yes, they will be bumper stickers very soon!):

“The world is my silo”

“WWJD: What would Jules do?”

“IT happens”


Awesome! Keep ’em coming!



10 responses to “I have the most talented fans!”

  1. Awesome. Wish I was 1/4 of good with Sketchup as some of the other fans…

  2. ALL of it is AMAZING! (And re: Dad, I thought your father had changed his user name…)

  3. Oh, haha. Thanks for showing my work in progress! When Wool really takes off, you’ll get some professionals doing concept art than someone who’s a hobbyist in these things.


    I’m having a hard time picturing what you meant by “steampunk” in the context of the Silos. While I can sort of see it, I keep on going back to more modern looking things. The only thing I think that could be significantly different is the watch that Jules covets. Other than that.. what other things do you or other fans have in mind for the world?

    (Sorry, I sorta ignored the whole braided hair…!)

    1. OMG, the glove with the ‘M’ for Mechanical and the level number is BRILLIANT! :D

  4. Paul (Zygote) Embree Avatar
    Paul (Zygote) Embree

    Thanks for using your site to share our W.O.O.L. inspired projects. We all paint different pictures in our heads, and giving us this avenue to pour our imagination into the internet is a fun experience.

  5. Epic, just epic… I can’t think of anything better… well maybe
    “Uber Epic and full of Win and your cakes are definitely not lies”
    but some might not get the references strung into that line…

  6. Shucks, thanks for re-posting my goofy bumper sticker ideas. Personally I’m blown away by that drawing of Jules. (I can only imagine what it must feel like as an author to have one of your fans feel inspired to create that! Savor it.)

    If you’re seriously putting out bumper stickers and tees, what I would want to buy is something that said, simply, “WOOL”. (Perhaps the O’s are radioactive symbols, or are overlaid with faint silo blueprints.) Or one that simply spells out the acronym (I’ve again forgotten it). Either way, that’s a conversation starter right there.

    1. Dad: I’m making actual stickers with your quotes right now!!

  7. […] A recent post summarized these contributions, several of which will be used for upcoming book covers. […]

  8. I am new to the books…. and i bought them all. am totally engrossed and would like to thank the above artists for their schematics, i was having a little bit of a problem with a silo image (not your fault mr howey) but they have brought things into a little more focus. thank you so much for the brilliant writing, i was feeling a little forelorn after finishing Game of Thrones and just couldn’t find anything that captured my imagination.

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