My next Charleston, S.C. appearance is gonna be epic…

10 responses to “My next Charleston, S.C. appearance is gonna be epic…”

  1. An author EVENT*?

  2. And when are you gonna hold one of these in Australia?? Hmmmmm???

  3. So um… who are you getting EVEN with? ;-)

  4. Rusty beat me too it… “Even” supposed to be “Event”?


  5. I think it means he’s still an author EVEN when he’s the Tin Roof!

  6. BTW – That poster looks sooooo cool! If it wasn’t a 20 hr road trip for me to get to Charleston, I’d be there for sure.

    Zombies running amok! :-0

  7. Hugh, have you thought about webcasting these events? I think you would get a good response!

  8. Webcasting is a great idea! Would love to check it out!

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