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I Love My Kobo

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Kobo seems to be the most user friendly option out there. My 78 year old mom has one and she loves it. Frankly, I’m amazed that Chapters/Indigo sold the Kobo division off. It was generating their highest margin on every quarterly report. I suppose they want to concentrate on their core business – selling coffee mugs, knick-knacks and greeting cards…

Small wonder your Kobo sales are killing in Canada. The kobo was born there (though I bought the Omnibus for Kindle touch).

EPUB! YES! I’ve been having to buy from amazon, then strip books of their DRM and then convert to EPUB so that I could read them on my crappy old cheap tablet.

Even if Amazon let me download to my tablet (I’ve tried a dozen times to no avail) I really don’t want to use their software. It’s nowhere near ideal on my horrible tablet.

So this is really excellent news :D

I love Kobo Writing Life. As you say, Hugh, easy peasy upload and self-pub dashboard controls. Although I like the stats page features with the big blue circles, it could use a bit more heft on the analytic side of things. Good on you for pushing Kobo…I think they’re the key to real competition for Amazon, which is good for indies.

Re .epub not being available, though…why not publish with Smashwords, too? The Meat Grinder is a bear, but the benefits of offering all format types + coupons seems worth the pain, IMHO.

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