I think I have the perfect slogan

I made bumper stickers. If there’s a more perfect slogan to sum up all that we are, as Woolites, I would love to hear it. But I think I got it right the first time.


I ordered 10.


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  1. I like it… too bad I don’t have a bumper… or a car… oooo… I know… Yeah… I know where I can put one… Cant wait till… 3 weeks after Thursday…

  2. awesome! wait, are you using these to as a new review gimmick…give wool a Five Star review and receive this shiney new bumper sticker…crap I’m in…I’ll have to see if the wife will let me put it on our van!

  3. Hey, this isn’t a shirt, but I’ve been sorta working on this on my free time after work since about two days ago. Don’t get your hopes up too much for me to finish this since I’m pretty bad at it.



    1. WHAT?! That’s AWESOME!!

      Tell me that’s Jules. Please tell me that’s Jules.

  4. It’s Jules! I used “Kaylee” as the likeness (I think that’s the code name now for her, right?). I was planning to do the same with actors and actresses that you and others have picked to give some sort of visual representation of your characters. I’m not a great artist or anything, but I felt compelled enough to try!

    Also, I was sort of wondering, but is the garb and equipment in the Silo… high tech? I’ve been sort of trying to figure that out was I was picking references to draw from, but I kept on picturing stuff that we wear today, only slightly fancier, but not much.

    1. I imagine it more steampunk. Some high tech mixed with low tech. A lot of cobbling together of stuff.

  5. now THAT’S skill!

  6. Steampunk? Oho, I guess I’ll have to change some stuff.

  7. Holy Artistic Skills Batman! That’s incredible nisays! Who do you have in mind for Lukas and Holston? Hugh have you noticed between kitten and nisays, your fans really are a cut above the average!

  8. https://hughhowey.com/?p=1900

    I liked most of Hugh’s original picks except for Lukas. No offense to Wil Wheaton, I love the guy, but I don’t see it. I don’t know why, but Joseph-Gordon Levitt’s image from his old Indie hit “Brick” came to mind.


    And no, I don’t consider myself “a cut above the average”… I appreciate Mr. Howey’s work and I admire the position he’s in as an independent author. The fact that he is accessible and receptive to his readers establishes connection that is worth acknowledging. Yes, it takes a lot of energy, but people who put that much effort in reaching out to others get that much in return.

    At least, I think so.

    1. I think the Wheaton pick was a marketing ploy made by my subconscious to tap into his legion of Twitter followers.

      So far, it has not worked. ;)

  9. Bob: You’re one to talk! The Wiki page is amazing.

    I feel like there’s a collective will behind this series and that it’s growing!

  10. We just don’t want you to sweat the little stuff so we can haz more cheeseburgers… ummm… stories to read…

  11. Haha, I find it a little funny that people are taking an initiative at this point in time. It’s interesting what a positive “mob mentality” can do.

    This series was written almost a year ago and it seems like it was an arduous task to get it to this point. But if you’re implying that it’s taking a life of it’s own, how exactly do you want the popularity of your series to grow now, Mr. Howey? You’ve got some offers for TV series, but do you personally think that you and the series have enough exposure to risk it being made into a live action? Letting it grow organically is slow and may be too slow to some, but the potential for hardcore fans is always there.

  12. “The world is my silo”

    “WWJD: What would Jules do?”

    “IT happens”

  13. Dad, I *love* these!

  14. @Dad – “IT happens” is too funny! I’d buy that on a sticker or shirt for sure.

  15. WOOL: The fabric of our lies


    1. Unreal. Brilliant. You’re hired!

  16. Who ARE you? Another awesome one!

  17. Just bought my shirt and sticker! That slogan makes me giggle.

    1. Mine just came in the mail! I love them. Pictures soon. Right now, more designs are going up. :)

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