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I’d give this an A+

Someone on FB just pointed this out to me. It seems a class was assigned to take a book and create a film intro. This student chose WOOL, and here’s what they turned in:

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Sorry, I had meant to send the link to you. but i wanted to send you the real version that a better quality, but then I started my internship and graduated so it was hectic. If you would like the high quality version IO can figure out how to transfer it to you. =) Its just over 5 gigs though.

I love that Sam Elliott is listed in the cast. I said it in the old forum, Sam Elliott would make the PERFECT Marnes IMO! I read all his lines in Sam Elliotts voice, it was great!! :D

Love the cast! Sam Elliott is perfect! Spielberg though? lol. You’re a full blown phenomenon now Hugh!

I couldn’t possible give it an A+. The colors are too brilliant. Were I the teacher, they would have to settle with a measly A.

Both Evangeline Lilly and Natalie Portman are too young to play Jules… Hrmmm… But really cool concept for the opening credits!

I just finished your Wool Omnibus I purchased on my new Kindle. I didn’t know what to purchase for my 1st book on the KIndle, so I purchased the recommended book…WOOL. Love Science Fiction.(May be non-fiction someday!!)
I must say I thouroughly enjoyed your book! Very interesting story. I couldn’t put it down until it was finished. I hope it does become a movie someday!
Looking forward to reading the prequel, SILO. Just started it.
Mike-Folsom, CA

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