Office Space

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  1. Nice digs homie!

  2. It is a real treat to see your new office and how you have incorporated the artwork of your fans. You’re a sort of pioneer, HH, and aspiring indiewriters would do well to watch and learn as you navigate the this new world of writing/publishing. I don’t know that I could handle the constant interaction (being a bit of a recluse) and I’m getting some great tips from you. Here’s to hoping I will one day be able to put those tips to use :)

  3. That is one nice doggy you have, Hugh!!

    Also… on the topic of book signing… keep us Canadians in mind when you get a few minutes ;)

    1. I sign books for Canadians, but the postage costs more. :(

      1. It’s our lot in life. In Canada, you’re lucky if most places will even ship to Canada so you get the CHANCE to pay more in shipping! haha :D

  4. Hugh, that movie poster you said you haven’t made into a book cover yet would make an awsome special edition signed wool series! Lol just saying!

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