It turns out I suck at slogans

I thought I had a snappy slogan. I didn’t. Our website denizen “Dad” is the king of pithy wit, it seems. Every one is a killer, so I put them on bumper stickers and T-shirts! I’m ordering a few for myself. Here are the gems, followed by a link to the store.

“IT Happens”

“WWJD: What Would Jules Do?”

“The World is my Silo.”

“WOOL: The Fabric of our Lies”

I love that last one. You’ll see me wearing these around town, for sure! Here’s where to get yours:

(Dad: E-mail me. A signed copy of WOOL is heading your way.)

9 responses to “It turns out I suck at slogans”

  1. Awesome… the first is my favourite!

  2. hah! I like these ones too!

  3. I feel like an un-satisfactory fan now because I have no artistic talents to share with you all! I’ll work on something…

  4. @jillconn: Believing you have no artistic talent doesn’t make you any less of a fan compared to anyone else. :)

  5. Any progress on the medical level shirt?

    1. I forgot! I’ll get on it.

  6. Also Jill, your awesome just as you are, your art is that of text and mind!

  7. Oh, I feel like an absolute jerk for saying this… but is there a chance of seeing the addition of a modified version of the “WOOL: Fabric” slogan in which the word “our” is capitalized? (The Grammar Nazi in me is infuriatingly picky.)

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