Let the Countdown Begin!

One month from today, DUST will be released.

It’s hard to believe that this journey began two years ago. It was right about now, back in 2011, that I uploaded WOOL. I had no idea that this short story was going to consume my writing and my imagination for so long. I have a mix of feelings now that DUST is complete and in the hands of editors. There’s a sense of accomplishment and finality. There’s also a twinge of sadness to find myself leaving that world to go write in another.

There are pre-order pages up for both the e-book and the physical book on Amazon. The e-book should go live on other outlets right around the release date or soon after. Some of the distributors take a few days to populate. Some take weeks. I’m hoping to get Tim Reynolds to narrate the audiobook and have that available soon after the book release.

My plan is to have the next Molly Fyde book out before the end of the year. And then it’s off to SAND, I hope, a world grittier (har) in many ways than the world of the silo. Until then, and until the 17th of August, thanks for everything, for all of the support and for the company these past two years.

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  1. I Love You….

    1. Hugs and kisses, man. Hugs and kisses.

  2. Daniel Milford Avatar
    Daniel Milford

    When will Shift and Dust come in hardback?

    1. The only hardbacks will be from Random House in the UK. We haven’t found a publisher here in the States to do a print-only deal for SHIFT or DUST.

      SHIFT is currently in hardback in the UK if you import a copy. The same will be true of DUST come October. Paperbacks of DUST will be available through Amazon or my site on August 17th.

      1. You can pre-order the Dust hard cover from the Uk amazon site

      2. You make it sound like we won’t continue to keep you company. I think you are stuck with us.

        1. ^^This comment was supposed to be a stand alone comment…not a response to a comment. I am technologically challenged.

  3. It’s been two years of touching hundreds of thousands (soon to be millions) of people and making their lives richer and more meaningful.

    Thank you so much for all you do.

    1. You make me sound like a serial groper.

      1. Well, only of those wearing wool… ;-)

        Seriously. I’m SO excited. Congrats.

        Can’t wait to read it!!

  4. Hugh – I don’t think I’ve ever pre-ordered a book in my life, but DUST will change that :)

    Will we be treated to any teaser/synopsis of DUST before the release?

    1. Daniel Milford Avatar
      Daniel Milford

      There’s a synopsis on Goodreads I haven’t seen anywhere else:


      1. Hugh posted a little excerpt which, hopefully, has made it into the final manuscript. Doing a search via the little search bar in the top left hand corner for The Silo Wars – Part 1 should successfully help you find it. :)

  5. Congrats on finishing Dust! I can’t wait to read it.

  6. Congrats!
    I’m looking forward to it. I was fascinated by WOOL and SHIFT, I even used the Kindle text-to-speech feature so I can listen to it while driving.
    I have 2 questions: first, any chance of seeing a special edition of all three (WOOL, SHIFT, DUST). Second, any news regarding the WOOL movie?

    Awesome work,

    1. No news on the film. A screenplay has been written and turned in. Just waiting for news.

      And I will probably release a “boxed set” for the e-books. I could package all three together and sell them for $9.99 or something, which would be a massive savings over getting all three individually ($17.97).

  7. First, thank you and congratulations on finishing Dust. I can’t wait to get into the final (official version) of the Silo series. I also look forward to the LOOW entries following :)

    Can you estimate the extra wait for the audio version and the narrator? All of the audio version books have been great to listen.

    Also, do you know how long until the Bern Book 4 gets released in audio. I saw the “soon” release notes on Brick Shops blog and Ms. O’Donnell does a great job.

    Thanks again for great reads and listens.

  8. So I clicked on the pre-order link for the e-book and Amazon tells me that I already pre-ordered it. OK. Then I see a blurb about “Half Way Home” and I think “I should read that!” and buy it. Amazon tells me I already bought it. Ugh. More reading and less buying dammit. Also, my memory sucks.

  9. Wonderful!

    Do you have any new news to translation copies for german people! Will Piper do the two books again?

    To all others, there are still some few limited Goldsboros editions for preorder, but i think after we now know that there are no US-HC-editions they will be sold soon!!!

    1. I can’t remember if Piper did a deal for the sequels. I’m thinking they did.

  10. How about a Silo story for children, called Fluff, about a silo full of baby bunnies!

  11. WOOL has been some awesome train ride, for sure. Finishing the story must feel more happy than sad – at least it should. You did good.

    You’re talking like your readers will be done with you when you’re done with the silos. I think not. You may change trains, but there will be plenty of us riding along to check out the new scenery with you. Wendy spoke the truth, you’re stuck with a number of us.

    And we want Molly. :)

  12. So a single release this time as opposed to serialized first? Very much looking forward to it.

    1. Yeah, the cliffhangers were just too much this time around.

  13. In the UK the paperback release date is Feb 2014. Is this because they are shipping them across the pond first?!

    I’m just about the purchase the first two books in hardback (read them on my Kindle) and wanted to avoid paying twice for the third book but looks like I have no choice, 2 months (Oct 24th) is a long time to wait :-)

  14. Just out of interest, the UK ebook price is akin to the price for a hardback. How much (in percentage terms) of that will actually be seen by the author? I want to read DUST, but am not happy to buy at that price only to see it drop dramatically in a few months. I thought one of the big positives for ebooks was the drop in distribution and production costs and therefore I find this price to be too high! If the price was set to (say) the price of a paperback then I may be more likely to preorder it! I am pretty sure that what would be passed on to the author would not be much different and this is just a way for amazon/the publishing house to capitilise on the popularity…

    1. It’s unfortunate that publishers do this. I don’t control e-book prices for the Silo Saga in the UK. And yeah, I think they do lower the price when the paperback comes out. It’s all about protecting the print editions, which is something I think will go away in a decade. I hope so, at least.

  15. I fell into Wool and I’m quite happy about that but I’ll be glad when it’s reached the end, so that I can finally read something else, lol. Of course now Molly has her hands in me. It’s a vicious cycle, man. A vicious cycle. :P

  16. Hugh,

    You mentioned a “boxed set” of e-books. I would love a heads-up if you ever do a limited edition boxed set of hard-covers, all three books individually slip-covered and collectively boxed, each signed (in blood?), etc. etc. I think you’d do a bang-up business with these, and i’d be first in line.



    1. And yes, there will be a line. ;)

  17. Are you going to release the ebook version on B&N for those of us who have Nooks?

  18. What is Sand going to be about? I was trying to find info here and was having difficulties. :)

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