Hugh Howey

Bestselling author of Wool and other books. Currently sailing around the world.

My Upcoming Schedule

I probably need an Events page. Until then, my upcoming schedule looks like this:

Spooky Empire in Orlando October 26th to the 28th.
Halloween horror nights will be going on at this time as well!

The Miami Book Fair in Miami from November 14th to the 18th
I’m teaching a 3-day writing workshop that runs from 2-5 on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week.

Digital Book World in New York January 16th and 17th.
I’ll be speaking on a couple of panels, I believe. Looking forward to a return to NYC!

UK Trip – Monday 25th Feb – Monday 4th March

SXSW Interactive in Austin, TX March 8th to the 17th.
I won’t be there for all of those dates, just for my interactive panel. Not sure what day that is yet.

The Virginia Festival of the Book in Charlottesville, VA. March 20th to the 24th.
This one is extra special to me. It was at this festival that I became motivated to write my first novel some four or five years ago. Amber and I lived in Charlottesville for two years, so I’m super excited about this.

Australia Trip: April 10th – 24th

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You’re gonna “teach” a 3-day writing workshop? I’m pretty darn sure authors and fans alike will be fighting to get in on that. “The Master, Hugh Howey, reveals his secrets to creating the kind of powerful literary crack that makes the book fiends smoke every page.” And the title for the workshop:

This is HOWEY Do! (courtesty of The Game/50 Cent

Yep, the workshop is gonna be big.

OMG! Stop with the blogging, celebrating and touring and write the next one already!!!! I’m dieing here! :D

So, I was sadly scouring Amazon for something worthwhile to read when I happened upon “Wool. Happy day! I have found something to love!

I wish I could make it to Orlando but have two little monsters of my own who are too young to appreciate Halloween Horror Nights. Anyway we can get you up in Jacksonville?

Love your books, love your site and how you make your readers a part of your success. So excited to devour your books now that I have found you. Thank you!

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