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Needs More Snakes!

Check out this new sci fi release. The remnants of humanity live on a train. They’ve lived there for generations. The rich people and those with power are up front. The dregs are in the very back. There’s an uprising. Maybe things outside aren’t what they seem.

(I made that last bit up. I’m sure it’s awful out there.)

Courtesy iO9. Check the comments. Some WOOL love in the house!

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If you havent seen it, Laurence Fishburne has a sci-fi movie coming out about underground “colonies” fighting to survive in the future. Granted, it’s an ice age in the future and the “bad” colony appears to have a hunger induced Zombie problem, but still.

What’s that line about imitation being the best flattery?

Kinda reminds me back when Cameron announced he was doing an massive underwater sci-fi movie and we saw a half dozen (all awful) underwater “Aliens” movies get rushed into theatres.

It looks like an interesting premise but how could they possibly keep the train moving for generations? I mean they’d have to power it somehow. And most tech breaks down so how would you fix it in such a setup?

I definitely still want to check it out though. What’s the movie called?

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