New Digs for Everyone!

Amber and I are just about a week away from moving into a new home. I think that’s a good excuse to spruce things up around here as well. There’s a new-look website coming. Even better, I’m taking that coffee money you’ve been providing, and getting you all something special: a new forum. I bought a license to vBulletin, probably the most popular forum software in the galaxy. Very clean and easy to get around (you’ve been on them before, whether you knew it or not).

Hopefully it’ll make discussing all sorts of topics easier. And the new website is so clean and purty; I can’t wait to let you all track mud through it.

5 responses to “New Digs for Everyone!”

  1. Can’t wait to see it!

    Also, I’d happily send you an Amber some coffee from Hawaii if you’re interested. :)

  2. Got my best pair of muddy boots on!

  3. I’m in web dev if you need a hand :)

  4. Redecorating is good. Please, no avatars. In so many forums it’s hard to read or write with all the flashing, blinking, and/or animated distractions. It’s like trying to read in a fun house.

    That concludes the pet peeve rant. Thank you.

  5. vBulletin, well, at least its better than ipBoard… so… yaaaaay!!!

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