Really Breaking the Site This Time

The new site design is going live, and it’s a piecemeal process. Bear with me.

Also: That banner is not staying like that. I’ve got a nice one I’m working to get back in place. All kinds of fun stuff breaking, but some cool things already in place.

The About Me, Books, and Reviews pages are all new. And the Forums link goes to the new vBulletin forum, which is sparse right now, but I’ll be working on that as well.

11 responses to “Really Breaking the Site This Time”

  1. Is this still wordpress? Just curious.

  2. Yup. Still WordPress. Just a different theme, which has some newer functions.

    1. Cute! Now why does something called want me to log in every time I click on something. Box comes up, I click the x, it goes away.

      1. Because I have no idea what I’m doing. It’s where we had the cloned site before I started moving it all over.

        1. Okay, that I understand. You’re doing good. I’d have trashed the whole thing by now out of ignorance. lol.

          1. Let me know if that’s better.

          2. Yup. All better today. Cool!

  3. C Deane Campbell Avatar
    C Deane Campbell

    I love the progress meters. I’ve only written a little, but I know a tool like that would wake up the competitor in me. :)

    Hang in there – ’bout the time you get this done, a new ‘way’ will appear and you will be starting fresh… again!

  4. Oooooo… Pretty, now I don’t like wordpress much, more of a Joomla guy my self, but this looks nice!

    1. Same here, but could you imagine Hugh with Joomla? The infinite options for tweaking plugins and skins would mean that he’d become a full-time web developer for his site and not the purveyor of fine fictional arts we all crave. I’m okay with him killing an evening on the web when he’s under the weather (feel better dude), but the angry mob outside the window demands that those counters on the left continue advancing!

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