New print editions are coming…

I’ve uploaded new interiors and exteriors of the Wool Omnibus and the original Wool to the printer. If you order an Omnibus right now, there will be some delay until the new copies get to me. I hope to have them within a week or so.

The Omnibus will feature the new cover seen on the e-book, with the art of Mike Tabor wrapped around the back. The original Wool is also getting the Tabor-love with a cover that pays homage to the original, but adds some spice. The back of the new Wool book is very cool. It highlights the either/or nature of the first story’s mystery. I also reduced the font for the original, which I think increases the readability.

I can’t wait to unveil these!

3 responses to “New print editions are coming…”

  1. Great! I’ll buy one!

  2. Just ordered one – can’t wait! How can I order a signed copy of First Shift – clicking on it just takes me to the Amazon page?

    1. I fixed the signed copy link. Sorry about that!

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