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New York Meet-Up #3

Here’s a link to the event on Saturday!

Yes, it’s totally not fair that New York is getting its third meet-up while Cincinnati hasn’t had its first. I agree. This one isn’t my fault, though. I’m going to be in NY for BEA next week, and a handful of bestselling authors have invited me to sign books with them at the W Hotel in Times Square. Tina Folson, Jasinda Wilder, Liliana Hart, and CJ Lyons will all be there. After the signing, we’re going to have a super-duper combined meet-up at a nearby bar.

If you want to join us, drop by the W between 5 and 7 on Saturday, June 1st. Bring books to sign or snag one there (I’m giving copies of WOOL away. Everyone will have books!) Then follow us to the meet-up afterward. It should be the biggest and baddest one yet.

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Have a good trip. If you see a proof of the new Donna Tartt (The Goldfinch) could you pick one up for me and I will pay handsomely!


How did you score being the only guy in that group? I don’t know whether to be jealous or nervous for you.

Sheila – I’ll be at the Phillies game the next day if you need a copy hand delivered…

I’ll be there, Hugh, looking forward to it

That’s super nice; I appreciate the gesture! I have signed copies of all his books, I just want to meet the man once and shake his hand. I have hope it’ll happen someday!

So jealous I won’t be in NY next week. I just finished the Shift omnibus, you are my new favorite author, absolutely brilliant!

And I didn’t realize you live in Jupiter! I live in Viera, just hope you do a book tour in Florida, would love a signed edition. You are great!

Mad props to WSJ for having you on the front page of the Personal Journal or I would never have heard of the books, just sayin’!

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