Fight for Peace Proof!

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  1. Boy when you read the ebooks you don’t realize how big they’d be as actual books. Looks huge!

    1. Bozothedeathmachine Avatar

      You stole my comment.

  2. Narciso Cerezo Avatar
    Narciso Cerezo

    You know, one of the things you miss with the e-book version is how thick the book is!
    Even if the e-book has the conversion to pages, it’s not the same.
    However, I read e-books much faster. Partly because I can use those moments that would be wasted otherwise, since I have the book with me anywhere. And partly because of the “Beppo” effect (the street sweeper from Michael Ende’s Momo): since you just read without a clear view of what remains, suddenly you reach the end of the book in a breeze.
    I remember that Fight for Peace took me just a few days, it was August last year, so I’m patiently waiting for The Darkness Deep :)

  3. I too don’t read many hard copies any more, although I do miss them. I always have one e-book and one audio book (I am now a happy convert to Audible). So, after I finished my last SF series I came back to check on any Wool updates and ran into the Molly series. I just finished the first Molly book and I am hooked. Finished it in less than a week (I commute a lot). I just grabbed the second Molly on audible and noticed that the first two are separated by about a month on Audible. Is there any specific timeline for the Molly series on Audible that anyone knows about?

    Either way, keep them coming :)

    1. The third book should be on Audible within a month. The fourth book is being recorded now! :)

  4. Hi Hugh from germany again. First questiin, do you have some proof-coüies of this book to give away? And the second question ist if there are any plans to get those Moly-books published in Germany and german language of course!

    YOu might answer me here or better to email like usual!

    All the best for you and make Dust an event for the readers!!!


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