The Great WOOL Giveaway!

Edit: This giveaway ends today, Monday, but I’ll be flying back home today. I’ll announce and contact the winners tomorrow.

In celebration of the upcoming release of DUST and the conclusion of the Silo Saga, I’m giving away some killer swag. May the chances of success forever be beneficial to you!

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68 responses to “The Great WOOL Giveaway!”

  1. I’m psyched!

  2. LOL, Hugh, love your face in the “copy of Wool 4” photo

  3. Great Giveaway!

  4. How could I not? Great stuff, Hugh!

  5. The answer to the first question is SILO, right? :-)

  6. Loving the modelling work (especially on Wool 4), practicing for an alternative career?

  7. Hoping for some great wool Giveaway and not be sent out for a cleaning!

  8. You’re too generous! I have to agree with Lee’s comment, haha!

  9. Love, love, love the series! Can’t WAIT for Dust!!

  10. Wow, I want that widget! Great marketing!!
    Did every gosh-darned thing, I’m that much of a fangirl. *sigh*

    1. I was going to add 10 more things to the list, just to try your patience. :)

  11. All right, I’m going to try this just one more time. :)

  12. What an epic way to finish off a great serie of books! What’s the longevity of the swag? Will they hold out in the Silo’s? ;)

    Thanks Hugh for letting us be a part of the amazing Wool experience!

  13. I’m still kicking myself for not ordering a signed copy of wool late last year. This is a great give away.

  14. Oh, this would be freaking awesome to win! Can’t wait for Dust, even though it means that the original Wooliverse is coming to an end…

  15. “Soylent Green is PEOPLE!”

  16. Great series by an amazing author. I am so stoked for Dust!

  17. I. Want.

    Those are the bee’s knees and I must have one! All entries completed, and will check back every day. The winners (oh, please, me!) will be some lucky people. Glad I stumbled across Wool early, and got to watch your skyrocket ride to fame. You’re a helluva guy, Hugh, and a great inspiration as well. You’ve done quite a lot for literacy in just a couple of years.

    1. Ditto! If you were British, you’d totally be knighted! :D

  18. So cool! Entered and shared!

  19. Great idea!

  20. OMGEEZ, ME ME ME! Entered and Shared! P.S. I work at a library and had your books added to our collection! That should get me bonus points! ;)

    1. Super-secret-karma-points-hereby-awarded.

      (but not really)

  21. This is an amazing giveaway! Thanks for writing this stuff….really thanks.

  22. Entered. Love this series of books so far, hanging out for Dust to download onto my kindle!

  23. Hugh, you are so sneaky! Entered and waiting like an addict to see if I won!

  24. P.S. you can sneak one of these in with my copy of Dust when you send it if you want… I won’t tell.

  25. Entered, I have not even finished reading the first book and I am clamouring for more more more. Good luck to all who entered.

  26. Caroline McIntosh Avatar
    Caroline McIntosh

    So stoked! Did everything but the tweetie thingy.. working on that one! thanks Hugh~! and good luck with it all! x

  27. Love the fan interaction. This is the future.

  28. No thank you, I will not allow a spy app access to my info. Not even for a cool thumb drive. My privacy has no price.

  29. I have loved WOOL and all the silo books, for a long time and like many here, kicked myself for not getting a signed collection. I’m hoping to find full time work in Autumn and will be straight to the order form!

    Keep writing Hugh, your words are addicitve! :-) xx

  30. Am I the only one having problems entering the contest? It just kind of sits there on “loading your entries”, and has a +1 to answer a question. I answer the question, and it won’t accept my answer. Then, after three tries, I get a “click here” box, which sends me to a page to submit some sort of trouble ticket. This also fails. Yeah, done the usual, three different browsers, plus tried it on an iphone. Different wireless networks as well. I guess what I’m saying, is I need IT.

    1. Strange. Let me know if you can’t resolve it.

  31. Best of luck to everyone, I love the enthusiasm over this series!! Wool was such an amazing book, starting Shift this week and can NOT wait for Dust to come out!!

  32. I normally don’t hop into the giveaway thing, but this is a chance I can’t pass up. May Lady Luck be with me.

  33. Folks, what Hugh didn’t tell you is that they’re proper working cards that allow you into the shelter in his back garden.

  34. I’m a little conflicted. I want more points, but I don’t want to share the contest, as that might lessen my chances of winning. I guess I have 13 days to decide.

  35. Ok, right now there are 8500 entries. If 16 of those are mine, then 8500 divided by 16 is about 531. Ok, now do I divide 10 into 531? for 51, does that mean I have 1 in 51 changes to win at this moment? Oh, craptastic. I hate math. Just let me read a damn book!

  36. Matthew McKinley Avatar
    Matthew McKinley

    I don’t even use my twitter account (like 5 posts, 4 were to a customer service handle), but I used it today!

  37. […] Here’s a pic of the books (Some are gone from a signing we did here at my mom’s house. Some have been moved to the Great Wool Giveaway). […]

  38. Thanks Hugh! You oughta get some karma points yourself. Can’t wait to read more!

  39. I can’t enter. It woun’t let me enter anything. Is this contest open only to residents of the US?

    1. I don’t have a facebook account and don’t want one, so I am using my own email address. Is this part of the problrm?

    2. It shouldn’t be. I don’t know. I’m happy to ship overseas.

  40. Ok, I entered it once, but no one should have to go through all this and use up the time entering. So this is it.

  41. Are you telling me that I’m going to have to break down and get a Twitter account or lose out on nearly half of my entries (43.75% to be exact)??? Bummer. Must be IT’s doing……

  42. Ordered my Ugly today and looking forward to it. Ty Hugh.

  43. I’ve done everything except for write a review. I even do the twitter post, which gets me to 15/16 entries. But then I come back the next day, and I’m back down to 10/16 entries. My twitter has 4 tweets now for ya!

    Anyway… just like Roshawn, I normally don’t do the whole posting for giveaways thing. I don’t even get hard copies anymore.. 100% ebook. I love your books though, already put in the pre-order for Dust, and itd be amazing to win an original signed book.

  44. Love the Imprint Theme used in your book launch page – is that available for sale online?

    Val in NC

  45. Darn I have been counting down the days to the release of the final installment (annoying my wife each day by telling her how many days left) only to realise today that the release date aug 17th is only for the us in paperback can’t get it at any australian book stores till the 23/9 another month of counting down the days I guess :(

  46. Also just a side note hugh I would like to thankyou for getting me back into the world of books I hadn’t read one for awhile until I walked past a bookstore and saw wool in the window it had drawn me in so much that I went in and bought it ( way to judge a book by its cover :) ) but since reading wool and the shift I have not stopped raving about how good your books are to my family friends and coworkers anyone who will listen basically congratulations on all your success and best of luck for the future

  47. Haha. Great swag. I love it. “Property of IT”

    I want the T-shirt!!!

  48. “May the chances of success….” sounds oddly familiar. Are you friends with Effie Trinket?

    1. I’m shocked this hasn’t won more comments…

  49. Easy contest when you already love all things Hugh Howey and all things Wool! :D

  50. I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE! How exactly do we enter for this swag?

  51. They called it a CRIB right?

  52. I’m sorry I may have broke the darn thing, it wont let me submit my answers. Let me know if it is just me. I have refreshed the page at least 10 times still no luck.

  53. I have read for pleasure every day since I learned how to read. In all that time, there have been few stories that engaged me so thoroughly and fewer still that made me anxious and excited to see “what will happen next.” The WOOL Omnibus was one such example and DUST is sure to do the same.
    Thanks for this!
    Judy Roseta

  54. Ohmigoshfinishedalready. I will totally be reading other HH series too!

  55. Fingers crossed – thumbdrives look incredible!!

  56. Awesome! Read all your stuff, not finished Dust yet.
    Saw new Molly Fyde 93%.. out for my birthday.

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