How cool is this? My publisher and I are debuting at the same time. Just as my book is being released, the technical wizards at NLP have unveiled a new-look website.

The change is more structural than cosmetic. Which is good, because they already had one of the most pleasing sites out there. And I’m not just knocking the small presses, some of the big houses have web portals that seem designed to confuse.

This structural change was made necessary by all the new titles they have available. In just over half a year, NLP has put together an astounding catalog of quality books. With a great mix of fact and fiction, a spread of genres, and an eclectic stable of authors, things are looking bright for that Light up North.

It’ll be interesting to see how luminous it can become. Especially since they have it temporarily shining right in my eyes!

Check out the new NorLightsPress.

Then check out my book’s page.

Now help us test out their new shopping cart feature. All you need is $13.95 plus shipping and tax. NorLightsPress will even send you a copy of my book for helping out!

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