Hugh Howey

Bestselling author of Wool and other books. Currently sailing around the world.


How cool is this? My publisher and I are debuting at the same time. Just as my book is being released, the technical wizards at NLP have unveiled a new-look website. The change is more structural than cosmetic. Which is good, because they already had one of the most pleasing sites out there. And I’m not just knocking the small presses, some of the big houses have web portals that seem designed to confuse. This structural change was made necessary by all the new titles they have available. In just…

The One. The Only. The Publishing dynamo. Nadene Carter.

I was only three weeks into the querying process when I found my match. Her name was Nadene Carter and she had three qualities that put an end to my search. 1) She is a dynamo. A whirlwind of focused energy. Tackling several things at a time, she manages her schedule in a way that gives each project her full attention without ever becoming overwhelmed or frustrated. I saw this in her treatment of my submission, going through the reading with haste, but managing to catch every nuance. At the…

In Case You Wondered: He Really Isn’t Making This All Up

With Hugh off doing whatever it is that successful authors do when they’re not updating their Web sites, I have to share my excitement with someone! I bopped over to the NorLights Press site for a sec, and what did I see? And yes, you do want to click the “Read More” button!

A Minor Announcement

First, a bit of significant news: today is banner Friday, which means a new image will be making its way into the rotation above. The banner I remove will go into a forum thread I’ll create in order to warehouse the old ones. Very exciting news. The minor announcement: today is signing day. I’ve found a publisher (NorLightsPress) for the Molly Fyde series. It’s a small house (for now!) that combines a traditional business model with forward-thinking marketing strategies and an intimate atmosphere. Nadene Carter, the lovely lady running the…