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On the count of . . . OUCH!

My dad used to pretend to count down toward ripping a bandaid off or yanking a splinter out, and then he’d just do it immediately. I’m not going to let this spoil my blog countdown, but there has already been a WOOL sighting in the wild! This from a reader who spotted WOOL in a Books a Million. Can anyone else spot the rookie mistake? If you have enough books that the combined spine width exceeds the front cover width, you always front out.


One copy went home with the person who took the shot. There are six left. This is in Wilmington on Oleander Dr. if you’re in the area. (I would throw myself before my publisher before I watched anyone get in trouble for breaking street date, so I’m trusting it’s okay to out the location).

1 reply to “On the count of . . . OUCH!”

They probably knew they were going to go so fast it didn’t matter. :-P

They are still pretty striking, binder out.

Let it go Hugh…. Take a breath…. Relax… :-)

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