One Lucky Gringo

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  1. Don’t suppose there’s a way we can access and read the article online? Sounds very interesting.

  2. Haven’t looked through your entire catalog so I might be off about this but you ever thought about connecting your sailing experience with something post-apocalyptic? All post-apoc stuff is 99.9% on land, not the water and you’d be in a interesting position to make up a story connecting the two.

  3. I could read the thing and post a video.

    Forbes: It’s Waterworld!

    1. You know when I posted that I thought to myself “five bucks someone’s gonna make a Waterworld joke. Just gonna happen. Kevin Costner screwed up a fertile area of imagination just like BP screwed the Gulf and now we have to suffer the consequences.” :)
      Well, Hugh just think of Waterworld being an incredibly low bar to get over.
      I mean, you might actually take more than 30 minutes to think up the plot. I’m sure you can come up with something great that isn’t just Beyond Thunderdome Plus Ocean=Movie.

  4. How about an over and underwater city/’s story.
    Modern Atlantis/”s???
    that would be cool!

  5. which edition year/month is that?

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