Progress on Wool 5

Here’s a Wool 5 update for all you eager devourers of books: I’m 80-85% done with the draft, which means I’m about to abandon the story so close to its conclusion and go back to the beginning to start revising. Why in the world do I do this? I have no idea. I’ve been doing it since the third Molly book.

It’s probably for the boost in morale. My rough drafts are always less sucky when I go back through them than they felt while writing them. I invariably sense that I’m writing pure garbage. When I go back through and find out it’s more like recycling, that’s a pleasant surprise. It helps me push through that last 10-15% with confidence.

It’s kinda like when you have a yard sale. You toss out all your crap, but once it’s in your yard and you’re looking at it one more time, you keep stashing things away; it dawns on you that you aren’t charging enough; you fidget while people pay for something you told your wife yesterday you should just chuck in the bin.

If you think this leaves you hanging, knowing I’m so close and that I’m heading back through the work, fear not. This is a step that has to happen anyway. It’ll make the revision process go smoother and get you the story just as quick, if not quicker. If you want to feel sorry for someone, pity my wife. She was reading along, chapter by chapter, and now the pages have stopped flowing. If you need to send her a consoling email, I’ll be sure to pass it along.

In the meantime, start telling your friends about these crazy awesome books. I’m going to try and announce a specific release date for Wool 5, and it’d be spectacular if everyone tried to grab it on the same day. The first Wool went to #2 last month, which isn’t so great to blurb on a book cover. I’m hoping a flurry will send Wool 5 straight to the top!

If I had to guess, I’d say February 8th. I know I’ve been saying mid-to-late February, but I always beat my estimates. If I can get the rough draft finished this upcoming weekend, it should be a sure thing. I’ll keep you posted, but go ahead and mark your calendars!!

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  1. No pressure or anything… but it better be good! I just finished W4 whilst ignoring my 2 kids who are off sick from school, if No5 sucks I shall hold you responsible for my time-wasting! (Really like the series by the way =) )

    1. Oh, now this makes it so much easier to write!

      And so far, so good. The first 3/4 kick butt. The final scenes are UNREAL. Just have 15% left between to write.

      My only fear is that fans will read this one too fast. I hope they take their time and enjoy.

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