Totally not famous . . .

. . . and not cut out to be, I don’t think.

So here’s when you know you aren’t famous: It’s when you start getting fan emails and tweets and you have to read every single one to your wife. Twice. It’s when you’re geeking out more from receiving the email than your “fan” probably is from getting a reply.

This week, I had a flurry fans reach out to tell me how much they love my books. It was surreal. In one, the writer wonders aloud if I’m even the one who reads my email (I’m framing this one). And if so, if I manage to get through them all (all three of them). And if so, if it annoys me to be flooded with compliments on my writing (as if). And of course, that I’m probably too busy to write back to them.

Too busy? I’ve been waiting for these emails for three years! I’m so un-busy I have to read the damn things three more times (and still plan on printing all these out for my new scrap-booking hobby. That I plan to take up. Soonish. Probably.)

Of course I write back. I’m as enamored with the idea of having a fan or two as these fine readers are to reach out to a silly little writer such as myself. And here’s where it gets interesting and how I know that I’m still uncomfortable with my E-list celebrity-hood: When I write back, I’m probably more sad to not hear from them again than they would have been had I not replied!

Yeah, that’s where I am right now. Just slightly more pathetic than I was yesterday. And really digging every minute of it.

6 responses to “Totally not famous . . .”

  1. I’m having so much fun reading about your growing success. I’m pretty sure Wool has made you famous even if it hasn’t yet made you rich.

    1. Thanks! I take it you’re a WOOL reader?

  2. I’m the same girl messaging you on Goodreads (Monique). I read Halfway Home first though I bought them all at the same time. I’m planning to read the Plagiarist next.

    1. I’m so glad Half Way Home is getting renewed attention. I have such fondness for that book.

  3. Ha ha. What did I tell you a couple months ago when I emailed you for the first time? I said it was nice you responded because I often email authors and never hear back. I feel they think it’s more important to pretend to be a big shot who can’t be bothered than to answer fan mail. Don’t forget that, soon to be big shot. Hire an intern if you need to but it’s what separates guys like you from Stephen King. Keep the lines of communication open to your readers and you’ll be eating King’s breakfast……..FOR BRUNCH.

    1. Just don’t ever let me become a Blurb Monster like Stephen. Is there any way possible that he reads as many books as he blurbs? I think he must have one of those machines, like the kind that signs letters in the President’s name, but this one just scribbles book blurbs all day long.

      I’ll blurb your books if my name ever means anything more than a cotton-mouthed-alliteration, but not a Blurb Monster. I don’t ever want to be that.

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