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Release Day!

Exciting news. The audiobook version of I, ZOMBIE is now out! Audible produced the book using an all-star cast of narrators, so you get different voices for each of the zombies. Amber is listening to it right now, and it sounds AMAZING! I’m so excited about this release.

Check it out here.

In other news, I hit the “publish” button on SECOND SHIFT a few hours ago. So, uh, yeah. Should be out by tomorrow sometime. Amazon, Kobo, B&N. Something is wrong with the iBookstore upload process, so that might take another day or two.

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Sorry, I’ll calm down now.

Only problem is I’m 84% done with it already :. Hurry up with Third Shift, LOL :)

BTW, do you want us to let you know if we see a typo?

hi Hugh, I just bought the Wool Omnibus at Amazon after looking at it curiously on my recommendations feed for a few months, and started reading yesterday, read halfway through the night, and am in the middle of Wool 5. Fabulous story. Great writing, and your insight into characters and their various approaches to duty and their peculiar world is just amazing. Then I find your website and find out you just published another story in this series! hooray! I look forward to finishing what is on offer so far and hope you keep writing it! Louise van Hine

oh definitely happy with the story… my only real concern was, since it kept me up last night thinking about it, I was worried that when the 5th book ended it would be a cliffhanger lacking in resolution, but the reviews indicate otherwise. That being said, I am thrilled you are writing prequel installments… because that is a fascinating and original set of concepts you have going!

YEAH!!! Just finished the second Kingkiller Chronicle yesterday and couldn’t decide where to go next. I figured I’d wait for Second Shift and BAM! the next day here it is!!!

Just bought and downloaded from amazon. Yesterday I introduced Wool to my oldest son. Hopefully he is allowed to read it for school (he will read it anyway I will make sure he does ;-) )
Good luck and greetings from the Netherlands

Hooray! My evening plans just got changed. Impressive on the three month turnaround. Hugh Howey is a writing juggernaught!

Amazon says: Thanks, Pablo! Second Shift – Order (Part 7 of the Silo Series) (Wool) will be auto-delivered wirelessly to your Kindle via Amazon Whispernet. You can go to your Kindle to start reading.

Pablo says: YAY!
**Pablo jumps and dances around happily with his Kindle on hands

Me three! I might have to cave in and buy a Kindle just so I can read the new releases right away. My addiction to this series is becoming a very expensive (but totally worth it!) one indeed. -______-

Had a minor crashed on my bike the other day, and landed on top of my Kindle… bad timing!
Looking forward to your new book, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that amazon will start shipping their new Kindle to Denmark real soon.

I have been proselytizing these books like crazy to anyone who will listen. Can’t wait to read the latest, Congrats Hugh.

Just finished Second Shift and absolutely loved it! There was a moment at the end when I yelled “F@%* you Hugh” (because it was over), then (being a true Marvel fan) almost immediately, was happy again. Thanks for being a fabulous storyteller!

Sooo psyched to hear 2nd shift has been released. Saw on Amazon that the Shift trillogy will be combined and released as a single work in the Spring of 2013 and that we can save some money if we wait until then. Are they kidding? Yeah, right, wait. I’ll gladly eat ramen noodles for the next few months and buy each individually. I think the 4 food groups are a bit overrated anyway……

Just finished Second Shift. It left me with far more questions than it answered. Don’t worry. No spoilers here. But damn you, Hugh! You say one thing in the “a word from the author” and then the epilogue (Yes, there is an epilogue, people!) tells a different story! Only one reason I can see for this. It’s just a theory and I don’t want to spoil it for anyone else, but Wool 9 is going to be EPIC!

yikes! Mark, now you have me worried. I finished “First Shift” yesterday and started “Second Shift” – I had read a number of reviews of “First Shift” at GR and I don’t understand how they can say the characterization wasn’t up to par with Wool, I really don’t get that. Very well done, and I am very much enjoying “Second Shift” so far.

Just finished it last night. Not that they all aren’t great, but Second Shift was really … fantastic! I don’t want to post anything here that would be spoilerish in support of my fantastic! rating, so I will just say this one is my favorite so far. And thank you!

Have been patiently waiting for it to show up on iBooks store since all the other ones are from there. Any idea on when it will be released?

Have thoroughly enjoyed all your works Hugh.

I’m working on it. The iBookstore is the worst for uploading books to. Just truly, miserably, god-awful. And technical support has been the pits.

If you saw how this worked, you’d be shocked that Apple designed it. Every other book uploading service is miles simpler with cleaner interfaces. This is like something written my Microsoft to run on Unix.

I have such book hangover from First Shift, I am actually happy to have a moment to breathe before Second Shift hits iBooks. That said, I did just download the kindle app just in case! I really haven’t been this immersed in a story in so long, if ever really. Thank you so much.

Any updates on the ibooks upload process? If they give you any more trouble I may have to reconsider my affinity for sleek page turning animations.

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