Review of Molly Fyde on Luke Reviews

I promised myself I wouldn’t look. It’s like driving down the highway, in a major traffic-jam, and promising you won’t rubber-neck. I’ll have my wife read them first, inoculating me against the negative. I’ll wait to hear from someone else.

Impossible. Even though I know it might be a grisly sight, I can’t turn away. This is my first review from a completely unbiased source, and from a pro that spends most of his time reviewing science fiction from the big boys. It’s a critic that I admire for slamming books when they’re bad (my favorite recent review from Luke was a brilliant panning of a major letdown), and is eloquent and effusive for the books he enjoys.

In sum, this is my first, and I expected it to be my worst. So, without further ado, here’s a review of Molly Fyde for you guys and gals to check out.

Enjoy :)

Review of Molly Fyde on Luke Reviews

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