There’s something new on the site…

The first person that finds it, and leaves a comment with a link to the new item, gets the prologue for book two emailed to them.

Good luck!

(Anyone that’s already read the prologue is exempt from this contest)

4 responses to “There’s something new on the site…”

  1. I’ll say it’s the Goodreads section, although I’m terrible at this kind of game. Also – I don’t remember the C being in your name in the header before, but I totally could have overlooked that as I’m always admiring the changing space photos!

  2. Dare I guess in case I’m wrong? Hmmm…

    A new short story?

  3. A new short story, indeed. Should have something in your inbox in a few minutes, Luke.

    The GoodReads section went up last week, so it’s sorta new. Maybe I’ll think of some kind of consolation prize.

  4. Ah! This is the problem with reading half your posts on facebook instead of here! That’s okay – I’ll go read your short story and count that as my prize. :)

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