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Bestselling author of Wool and other books. Currently sailing around the world.

There’s something new on the site…

The first person that finds it, and leaves a comment with a link to the new item, gets the prologue for book two emailed to them.

Good luck!

(Anyone that’s already read the prologue is exempt from this contest)

4 replies to “There’s something new on the site…”

I’ll say it’s the Goodreads section, although I’m terrible at this kind of game. Also – I don’t remember the C being in your name in the header before, but I totally could have overlooked that as I’m always admiring the changing space photos!

A new short story, indeed. Should have something in your inbox in a few minutes, Luke.

The GoodReads section went up last week, so it’s sorta new. Maybe I’ll think of some kind of consolation prize.

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