As in the musical kind. Check out what forum user tzilla put together for the film score:

This takes fan art to an entirely new level. Tzilla (real name unknown) is a TV and film composer. Pretty badass, eh? Ridley, can we get this man a job?

5 responses to “SCORE!”

  1. trailers and score already. casting and longer trailers sure to follow!

  2. Teriffic..and then some.

  3. I like it! It captures the tension, the mystery. How great is it that talented fans are inspired to create on your work?

  4. Thanks Hugh and everybody! Positive feedback will never get old!

    Clearly I’m better at making music than I am at self-promotion, since no one knows name. geez!

    Todd Burns!

  5. Awesome! Please get that man a contract. I can’t wait to hear that in Dolby digital surround sound.

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