Wired and off to San Fran!

Sitting at LAX waiting for my San Francisco bound plane to board. Tonight I’ll be at Berkeley’s Books Inc. at 7:00. Come and see me; I think we’re going to have a nice little crowd tonight.

Also, the timing is pretty cool. One of my favorite dudes in all of publishing, Barry Eisler, lives in the San Fran area. Just this morning, he and I were mentioned in the same Wired magazine article! Wired is without a doubt my favorite rag in the mulitverse, so this was something special for me. My wife is gonna get pissed when all the things I’m framing start to encroach on the living room and kitchen…

Edit: You can listen to my NPR interview right here!

10 responses to “Wired and off to San Fran!”

  1. are you writing??

  2. Just read about you on Marketplace.org. Inspiring!
    I’ve decided to stop pursuing the big 6 and go Indie. The one thing I’m stressing over is marketing.
    Can I ask what type of marketing you did for your books in the beginning?

    1. I spent my time writing more works rather than marketing heavily. My attitude was that the books would be fresh and current in 10 years rather than 10 days. What I wanted was a catalog of good reads.

  3. We (my wife and son as well) will be there tonight to enjoy the evening. Look forward to meeting you.

  4. It was great meeting you at the Hudson Book store this morning, and thanks a lot for the advice on writing my first book. It made my day at work very thought fulfilling. I also purchased one of the books u signed.

    Happy travels Mr. Howey, Thanks a lot

  5. Just blasted through Wool Omnibus in the last few days. I’m putting you down in the top 25 of the thousands of books that I’ve read, next to Eddings, Rothfuss, Herbert, Butcher, and other amazing writers. I’m looking forwards to seeing you at Books Inc tonight. Would it be possible to get a couple of posters signed to hang in my living room? I will try not to gush too much. See you around 7 or 8. :D

  6. Hey Hugh!

    My friend wants to come see you in Seattle tomorrow but she hasn’t finished the Omnibus and she’s afraid there will be spoilers. Is she justified in staying away?

  7. “But these are the exceptions. In general, new writers gain much more than they lose by signing with a major house. Most self-published authors have trouble selling a copy outside of their immediate family. Even if they have talent, they lack professional help or the imprimatur of quality that a publisher can bring.”

    Shame that we still have stupid propaganda being rolled out….

  8. Yeah I agree with Simon above, Wired COMPLETELY missed the whole point of indie writing. Maybe it was Wired publisher telling them to continue the myth. I’ m not famous with with my book, but it is profitable. But that story doesn’t sell magazines.

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