Seattle Meet-Up: Thursday, January 16th

Enough people have gotten in touch to ask about meeting up here in Seattle, that I thought we’d try to make something happen. Thursday night is really the only time I have open. I fly out early Friday, and I figure I can sleep on the plane. My hotel doesn’t have a very welcoming bar and lounge, so I’m looking at Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery, mostly because it’s walking distance from me. 9pm – 11pm. Chime in if you think you might make it.

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  1. Let me know when your doing one in Dublin Ireland ;-)

  2. Dang, I wish I still lived in Seattle right now. I’m a 4 hour drive away. Hope you have a great trip Hugh!

  3. Bummer, I am too far away to make that. Maybe next time.

  4. Todd Shaughnessy Avatar

    Sounds good. They have beer, I’m in!

  5. I’m in!! And I love that this is at 9:00, because I can have my cake (7:00 obligation) and eat it to (9:00 meetup).

  6. I’m in!

  7. Think you’ll ever make it out to AZ?

    Have a safe flight!

  8. If you ever hit the Philippines, let me know. Hell, I might even fly to HK to meet up if you’re ever there.

  9. I’m planning on being there. Thanks for doing this meet-up.

  10. I think meeting you will be worth the drive to the city and a late night. :)
    Will you have books to sign? I’m about halfway through Sand – on my Kindle. LOVE it!

  11. Yes – I found a sitter! I’m there.

  12. work so close to there, but i will have biked home by then. have fun.

  13. I plan on being there. Can’t get there until after 9:30.

  14. Of course I will be there, not even a question.

  15. Thanks for bringing us into your world. If you get down to Houston I will see you then.

  16. I’m going to try to make it.

  17. I’m planning on joining. Would it be a faux pas for me to bring my Kindle for you to sign?

  18. I’ll try to make it. It should be fun :-)

  19. I’m going to try to make it…. Coming from Maple Valley.

  20. I’ll be there; so excited to meet you.

  21. Just a ferry ride away on the peninsula, but can’t make it:(

  22. […] Hugh Howey was in town. He had delivered a lecture at Amazon earlier in the day. That night, a meetup was organized at Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery, which made for an excellent venue. It was a […]

  23. I finish the Wool Omnibus this morning .. 1/18/14. I read the Q&A on the final pages and click on the website link on the Kindle white.. Then I read that I missed by 2 days to meetup with fans and the author. Damn!! What are the odds of that.. I’m about a 15 minute drive from “Rock Bottom”. Anyway I spent 4 months reading it while busy with school and work. Spending that long made it feel epic which I always enjoy.. also I’ll remember the book in a decade much more than something I killed in a weekend marathon read. I’m excited to start on the “Shift” Omnibus. I think I will right now. THanks Hugh!

  24. Unfortunately we live 2 hours away so on a work night that wasn’t doable but what fun! We made the appearance at the Hugo House last time but Rock Bottom would certainly be laid back and a chance to chat informally. Hope it was fun for all – I think I finished reading “Sand” that day!

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