Pics from Book Tour

Six countries and five weeks in to my European tour, and I thought I’d share some of the pics I’ve been posting on Facebook.

Frankfurt (The world’s largest book fair)

Paris pics

Second Paris set

Spain and Holland

More from Amsterdam

And right now I’m in Italy.

Only three weeks left to go!

7 responses to “Pics from Book Tour”

  1. You have quite an artistic eye for this Hugh, You bring out the beauty in everyday things.

  2. Thanks for sharing. That was fun.

  3. It is kind of unfair that one person should have so much talent in him! You are truly an artist with that camera Hugh!

  4. What camera are you using? Beautiful shots.

    1. Canon 5DIII with a Sigma 35mm 1.4.

  5. […] called SAND, even as he continues tearing across the Continent on his WOOL World Tour, throwing off great photos and thoughtful POV posts on the industry every time he catches a wi-fi […]

  6. Wonderful shots.

    What is that hill town? Spectacular.

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