Sneak Peek(?) at the DUST Audiobook

Available for Pre-Order Here

3 responses to “Sneak Peek(?) at the DUST Audiobook”

  1. This is awesome. What a great voice! Thank you for sharing the sneak “listen.”

  2. Awesome! I loved Shift narrated by Tim Gerard Reynolds. So I guess this means, Dust will be just as amazing! Fantastic news.

    I actually started reading and listening Shift at the same time, but ended up only listening. Because that way I could close my eyes and see everything and concentrate only to the story, never distracted by a few unknown words for me (I’m not native which you might guess from my bad English), because those I have to check in the dictionary every time when I’m reading since it’s so easy to do this on Kindle. So, Shift audiobook was a mesmerizing and a totally new experience for me. I actually thought before, that I couldn’t understand spoken English, but the ice broke with Shift audiobook for me. Thank you!

    I’m also sorry that I couldn’t wait, I’m already reading Dust. Shame on me! But I will listen too :)

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