Off to San Antonio and WorldCon!

It’s almost WorldCon time, which takes place in San Antonio, Texas this year. I’ve had a few requests for a meet-up, so throw out some ideas for where we should go and chime in if you can make it. My only requirement is that it be a stone’s throw from the Marriott on RiverWalk. There’s a ton of places near there. And Friday night or Saturday night might be the best for me.

One thing I noticed about the panels at WorldCon, as I figure out my schedule, is a decided lack of self-publishing discussion. As this is primarily a literature event, that seems strange to me. Last year, there were a few panels on self-publishing, but they were relegated to small rooms in far-off locations. People packed in anyway. But maybe in the future a few of us should see about getting a self-publishing track added, kinda like what Liliana Hart did at RWA this year (she’s my hero). I think the response would be resounding. Maybe not next year, as WorldCon moves to London. Something to think about, though.

What am I most looking forward to this year?

  • Learning from my peers. Last year, a fellow indie lit a fire under my ass to work on audiobooks. That led to a hectic schedule of transferring all of my works into ACX. The results have been incredible. Picking up tidbits like this can change everything. WorldCon is such a great place to learn about the industry changes occurring outside of our little bubbles.
  • Seeing old friends again and meeting cyber friends in the flesh. I’ve got quite a few people I look forward to seeing. I won’t name-drop, because I don’t want to exhaust you with bouts of envy. But John Joseph Adams. And Ernie Cline. Oh, and . . .
  • Michael Bunker’s daughter is making me cinnamon rolls. Yeah.

What I’m not looking forward to this year:

  • Panels where people are trying to sell me something. Teach me! Don’t pitch to me.
  • The anti-Amazon vibe. I experienced a ton of this last year. It made me feel lonely.
  • Connecting flights. Yuck.

Are you coming? Chime in!

11 responses to “Off to San Antonio and WorldCon!”

  1. Hugh,

    I must admit, I will be attending any meetup partially in my wife’s stead. She is working the entire weekend (night shift too), but she is a huge fan. There are plenty of restaurants on the riverwalk to setup a meet, or we could meet up at alamo plaza (2ish blocks away) and roll from there. If it is a large group may want to pick a restaurant before hand and have reservations. There is pretty much any kind of food under the sun available. I can make any day any time with enough advance notice.

  2. Last year was my first Worldcon, and it was a blast (capped by meeting a Mr. Hugh Howey on the last day and not realizing it for the first 30 minutes). This year I’m bringing friends. Can’t wait!

  3. Given the lack of panels on self-publishing, maybe y’all need to selfCon.

  4. I’ll be there! Hopefully I can make it to any meetup you end up having. I’ll be arriving later in the evening on Friday and staying through Sunday morning, so I’m hoping for a Saturday night meet up! This will be my first writing/fan conference, so I’m looking forward to the experience.

  5. I only see you on two panels in the program, slotted for Saturday. Definitely a dearth on the subject of self-pub.

    Met you in Houston. Hope to meetup again, if possible.

  6. I’ll be there (with my partner this time). We are driving down from Austin each day, but we’re staying as late as we want to stay. (I met you at SXSWi 2012. You were so nice!) I would be interested in a meetup.

  7. I’ll be there, pimping my first book! I’m mildly terrified.

  8. I will be at the meetup but not sure about WorldCon. I’ve pushed your books on everyone I know would enjoy them! I’m dragging my husband along, but reading is an addiction I don’t plan to quit, so he’s ready to make me happy lol.

  9. I’m here! I was excited to see you in the group waiting for the morning group river walk stroll! Then was sad that you found something more interesting do to instead. Happy for you of course if it was more interesting! :) it was disorganized this morning and we never found the other half of the group until the walk was almost done. Apparently the meeting spot is outside the river walk Marriott, by the river walk, not in the lobby at all!

    1. Maybe I’ll be able to find it another morning!

      1. It meets outside the Marriott River Walk (the one closest to the con), at river level. We found it this morning!

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