Times Square Ad Featuring SHIFT!

This is running in Times Square right now!

10 responses to “Times Square Ad Featuring SHIFT!”

  1. Way to go! Never hurts to get help from Silo 1.

    1. Ha! I love that comparison.

  2. Benjamin Thompson Avatar
    Benjamin Thompson

    Hey HEY!!! That’s awesome and so damn fantastic!! Way to go!!

  3. That is really cool. Curious if you even knew in advance?

    1. I didn’t. That post went up 5 seconds after learning about the ad.

  4. Woah. I’m still about 50 pages from finishing Dust, but it was ALIENS ALL ALONG?

  5. Just catching up with this. Fantastic ad. Love the animation. Do they know that all sci-fi has big-eyed aliens in it??

  6. How can I find out what the books you are now writing are about? ( Peace in Amber & Sand )

    1. Good question. I should create a page with info about my WIPs.

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