So much going on right now!

Man, things are crazy. I’ve got a ton of news around the corner that I can’t wait to share. On Monday, there will be an announcement about a super-cool project I’m working on. It’ll mean a return to the world of WOOL, but maybe not in the way you imagine. The project is a ways from being released, but we’re going to have news about it just so you know what we’re cooking. The other half of the “we” thing is not Natalie Portman, by the way, so calm down.

Also: My first work of official fan fiction has been turned in and accepted. I’m extremely excited about that. This was, without a doubt, the most difficult thing I’ve ever written in my life. And it isn’t even close. I, ZOMBIE was a walk in the park compared to this. It’s not a work I’m going to recommend to people, but it’s a work that I’m really glad I wrote. I bawled constantly while writing and revising the piece. Writing has never been more cathartic. I’m nervous but excited about this story going public.

Finally, I’m really enjoying how SAND is shaping up. This is a very different sort of story for me. The science is hazy enough that I’m embracing this as fantasy. I hope to have the first part available in December, and I have some cool surprises in store for the physical edition. For those who order signed copies, anyway. Stay tuned.

On the book tour front, I’ve got just under two weeks left before I go home. And then it’s a quick turnaround for a visit to USC in Columbia, SC. I’m speaking with Adam Griffey’s students about writing. Yeah, Adam Griffey of THE PLAGIARIST fame. I have a solid six weeks with no travels after that, and I’ll be spending that time getting your signed books out to you. And then the madness picks up again!

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  1. I believe the publisher already posted your first fan fiction on Amazon Worlds: “50 Shades of Wool” (an actual Amazon selection, I’m afraid to say)? And couldn’t you come up with a better nom de plume than C. Howey Long? But, seriously, Mr. Galbraith, are you ever going to tell us your fan fiction title?

    1. The title is: PEACE IN AMBER.

  2. Hugh, I got all excited about your mention that we could order print copies of SAND, and I was ready to sign up. But then I realized that I couldn’t. I suppose we have to wait for you to finish writing the thing before we can order…!

    You sound like you’re being tremendously productive on your European swing. Congratulations. I bet you’ll be glad to finally have some home time, though.

    Carry on!

    1. Patrice, I was thinking the same thing.

      1. Ludovika fjortende Avatar
        Ludovika fjortende

        I’m not surprised. Europe is the land of inspiration.

        Way to go, Hugh! Looking forward to reading Sand. Very exciting story. Those three chapters was like to give a toy to a child and take it back immediately.

  3. What’s with the Natalie Portman thing? I used to work out on a treadmill next to her, three times a week. She is really tiny.

    1. I have a thing for Harvard grads.

  4. Hugh,

    If the big Surprise for the signed copies of Sand happens to be pages filled with genuine sand, I urge you to reconsider. Otherwise, looking forward to it!

    1. I was only going to do a sprinkling!

  5. Would someone be kind enough to point me in tbe direction of said book?

    Thank you kind person.

    1. Okay, will you be posting on Kindle World?

      1. Yup. I think my KW book will be out in January.

  6. Ludovika fjortende Avatar
    Ludovika fjortende

    Can anybody be so kind to explain what “Kindle World” is and how I can find it? Because I tried to seek “Kindle World” on Amazon and it sent me a lot og stupid stuff, but no real books. Not speaking of Hugh’s books.

    Thank you

  7. Its Monday… I have been sitting here for now 19 hours and 22 minutes pressing the reload button… WHERE IS THE BIG NEWS HUGH???????


    1. Ha! I’m waiting for another site to announce so that we can announce. Hopefully they get to it before I fall asleep. It’s almost Tuesday over here!

  8. Agree with Torben. There is a serious lack of “super-cool WOOL project” announcements ’round here.

  9. It’s got to be Monday somewhere? I know it is here.

  10. speaking of a lot going on. DUST is a finalist in the 2013 goodreads choice awards. Go vote! :)

  11. Is the announcement have to do with Subterranean Press?? :)

    1. That was a bit of a coincidence. I haven’t put up that news yet, though it has been spilled. :)

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