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Tampa Con Day 1

Friday at Tampa Comic Con. Man! What a day. I was up until 12:30 signing books and packing up thumb drives. Slept a little, got up and packed the car and hit the road for Tampa. But first, a stop at a random post office along the way and 150 packages to send out. They love me there. Really.

I got to the hotel at 11:30, threw my bag in the room, and pushed a bellhop cart across the street to the convention center. I had my table set up at noon, right as the doors open. And it’s been a busy blast since. I brought all the books I had at the house, and it looks like they won’t last through tomorrow. I’m blowing them out at $10 apiece.

Right now, I’m hanging out with Jimmy Palmiotti, one of the writers for the Wool comic. Great costumes, already a lot of traffic, and I can tell that this weekend is going to go by much too quickly.

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So cool! I bet you’re the only NYT best-selling author who DISCOUNTS books at singing events. They’re already underpriced at the original cover price. I ordered an IT badge thumb drive this week when I saw your mention about how fast they are moving out the door. And I can’t wait for the Wool comic to come out. I pre-ordered that puppy on Amazon the second I saw it back in July. If they need any beta comic readers…;-)

Hmmm…Dawg shamelessly offers beta reading service and manages to type “singing” instead of “signing”. Oh well…back to the farm.

Hey Hugh! Finished “Dust” this morning as a loyal Tampa reader and logged on to send you a quick “thank you” email only to find you’re in town! How do I find you tomorrow to pick up a signed copy one of my faves..”I, Zombie”? I’d love to get a chance to say “hi” in person…but I’m not sure I want to search you out on the entire floor of comicon, as you would be the only reason I’d be coming down. Let me know? I also shot you an email…thanks, for everything!!

Will you save a book for me? I am coming to see your panel on Sunday and would love to get an autograph. I will be the redhead in a wheelchair. :)
-Sara (Wool fan/aspiring writer)

Sounds like WAY more fun than the last time I was at the Tampa Convention Center … in 2007, to take the Florida Bar Exam. Super excited to hear about the comic – more WOOL goodness even after the trilogy has concluded!

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