Thank you, Marriott!

I just got back to my hotel room from the Hugo Awards, which meant two hours of pre-party, three hours of award ceremony, and another hour of post-party, to find that the fine people of the Riverwalk Marriott have left me a surprise.

This morning, I searched all over for a New York Times to verify the incomprehensible: DUST is #7 on the main bestseller list. The front desk was quiet at the time, and suddenly there were three people calling around and checking with other hotels and local shops until they tracked a single copy left somewhere. I thanked them profusely and went off to retrieve it.

Meanwhile, they found another copy, framed the list, included a print-out of the book’s cover from Amazon, left a bottle of champagne on ice and some large, chocolate-covered strawberries, and basically just blew me away with their generosity, thoughtfulness, and kindness.

Thank you, awesome folks at the Marriott. I hope I get a chance to thank you in person tomorrow morning. And thank you to the readers who put DUST in this position. After a night of seeing fan-voted awards handed out, it was amazing to come back to my room and have this small celebration of how wonderful you all have made my life.

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  1. Very well deserved! Have enjoyed the Wool series tremendously and just finished Dust two days ago. Got my wife to start reading Wool and keep pushing her to read faster so I can talk to someone about it. If I could just tell you that this series has really stuck with me and you deserve as much praise verbally or through thoughtful gestures ,as the Marriot did, as humanely possible! Congrats and Thank You.

  2. Congratulations. I was lucky enough to find Wool and follow with the rest of your series. Dust was the perfect ending, but I must admit, I hope you revisit these characters in the future. I’m looking forward to reading your future creations and visiting whatever worlds you choose to create.

  3. Good to know there are still some people in the world have fun to make other people a joy. Ok, you are a celebrity, but still very cool, expecially the framing!

  4. Well deserved, the whole nine . . .

  5. Congratulaions! So glad. I stumbled on to this in the kindle store. Such a great story with wonderful characters AND an ending. Good luck with your next.

  6. Awesome. Ours was a different Marriott, but we had an awesome stay too. Congratulations on the NYT bestseller list. I’m so excited for you… and for us – all your fans.

    Michael Bunker

  7. That’s fantastic news. Congrats! It was great meeting you at the dinner get-together. What a fun, welcoming experience. The highlight of Worldcon for me.

  8. What a nice thing for them to do! I am very happy for you

  9. If that didn’t make you cry, I’ll eat one of your old stinky shoes Shannon use to make you leave outside.

  10. Just finished DUST! Bravo. I loved the entire series. Thank You!!

  11. Yep, that got me choked up! What a ride you must be having these days – and I love that you have been sharing so much of it with your friends, family, and fans. Even though we’ve never met, it gives me such a thrill to read news like this! Congratulations!

  12. Do you have an audio version available? Now that it’s getting cooler outside I’m going to start walking to work again and am looking for some good fiction to listen to! Congrats on the success!!

    1. It comes out October 1st. They’re recording it now!

  13. Congratuations on your much deserved success!

    If I may,


    Frederik Pohl Nov. 26, 1919—Sept. 2, 2013 We’re saddened to tell his friends and readers that Fred went to the hospital in respiratory distress this morning and died this afternoon.Please stay tuned. We’re teary and shell-shocked right now, but we’ll have more news soon. And so we’ll likely keep posting for a while.

    I have been trying to get an e copy of “The Merchants of Venus.” Great story. Was shocked and surprised to hear he had passed away.

  14. All they ever do for me is lose my reservation or put me in the room where the AC or shower doesn’t work right. I’m booking my room in YOUR name next time I travel.

  15. Congratulations! I finished Dust a week ago, and I’m still sad it’s done. I loved it.

  16. Congrats and well deserved :)

  17. Congratulations to you!

    I finished Dust last night and loved it.

  18. You better watch out, Hugh. I’ve heard the Marriott will try to cash in on what seemed like a friendly gift at the time. I don’t want to see you chained up in the Philippines as a sex slave or see you dressed in a skimpy He-man looking outfit in a ‘Thai Guy’ magazine because you refused to return their, ‘no strings attached gift’. Just saying, I’ve heard stories. I’ve heard many stories.

    Just read iZombie which was more uplifting than I expected. And I’m almost done with DUST. Taking my sweet ass time with that one.

    Congrats on your life not sucking!!!

  19. Wow, what a touching and kind gesture!

    Congratulations on Dust. I bought it the moment it was available and finished it up in a couple of days. It was everything I had hoped for and I was glad to have so many of my questions answered after having completely enjoyed Wool and Shift. I do hope we get to revisit the characters in the future….I need to know what happens to the others who stayed behind!

    Thanks again. I am so happy to have stumbled across your books. I recommend them to everyone.

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