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The Double-Bounce of Boing Boing

I had a huge break last Friday when Boing Boing reviewed the Wool series. The Omnibus Edition raced up to the top of science fiction (yeah, it hit #1, marching past George R.R. Martin who shouldn’t even be on that list!). It has now spent four days in the top 100 of the entire Kindle store, reaching as high as #62.

This is the kind of thing that happens once in a lifetime.

And then it happened again! A good friend of mine posted on my FB wall that he was browsing their site today and came across ANOTHER review of one of my books, this time for Half Way Home (which has been a fan favorite and my wife’s pick among my stories).

Craziness. And I have a new favorite website to tout.

5 replies to “The Double-Bounce of Boing Boing”

Boingboing is how I first found out about Wool, too. I’m loving it; I’m about halfway through with the omnibus now!

I found “Wool” browsing around the Kindle store. I’m not sure how I found it, but the user reviews were great. I bought the Omnibus, and less than halfway through I am already sad I will finish it and it will be over. Great job!

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