Book 2 of the APOCALYPSE TRIPTYCH went live today! I daresay, it’s even better than the amazing first book in this trilogy. We’ve got an all-star cast of authors involved, and now the stakes are higher as the apocalypse is in full-effect.

Feel free to read the sample on Amazon to check out the first story for free. And wait until you read the last story, which is one of my favorites. Also, the second part of my 3-part story in the WOOL universe is in here. You won’t believe where this one is leading. It’s the mother of all curveballs.

Also, we lowered the price of Part 1 to $4.99. Over 20 stories from some of the best writers in the game. A crazy deal. Hours and hours of gripping reads in bite-sized chunks.


Howey_TRIPTYCH_Book2_EbookEdition (Copy)

11 responses to “THE END IS NOW!”

  1. I am going to start reading it today. Great surprise that it was delivered on a holiday and printed on my birthday (8/30). Already looking forward to the third installment! OK, got to go and read.

  2. How many clowns were injured in the making of this book?

    Be honest.

    1. A lot. Millions. We’re talking the end of clowns, man.

      1. A promise we’ve heard before. Alexandria, Pompei, Chernobyl… each time we are promised that the scourge is over, and each time the grease-painted menace arises to plague humanity once more.

        1. Is there a story in the book where clowns cause the end of the world? Maybe alien clowns? Zombie clowns? ZOMBIE ALIEN CLOWNS!?


          I’d read that!


          1. All we can do is await the inevitable clownpocolypse.

  3. Why is the Paperback-version not available in Europe? I bought Book 1 as a printed copy and would like to get the following two printed, too…

    1. I’ll see about fixing that!

      Edit: Okay, it should be available in Europe soon. I had to initiate that channel.

      1. It works now, thank you.

  4. Fabulous, thanks for the heads-up. Just discovered Taste of Tomorrow yesterday: 3,000+ pages by 12 authors for 3 bucks, and all authors likely to make money from follow-on sales? This is the competition faced by the Big 5? That’s not competition; that is the Grim-freaking-Reaper. Brilliant.

  5. Okay Chief. I see where this is going. You’re gonna need a Post-Apocalyptic Triptych and wouldn’t it be nice to have a short story that brought the funny along with the moral and physical decay of the world. Just a heads up.

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