The Jasper Schreurs Collection is Complete!

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  1. Mark Gyscek -Strauss Avatar
    Mark Gyscek -Strauss

    Believe it or not I have have still been holding off reading the Molly series. Guess you could say I am torturing myself or just building up the anticipation to read them. I really don’t buy actual hard copies of books anymore except JCO. Seeing these covers though got me rethinking this. Love seeing some of the characters from the books which is really making me want to read them now. Your a great seller Hugh.

  2. Mmh, as a collector its annyoing that one book is taller than the other three, but i will take my STing-motor-saw and just cut it off… muahahahaaaaaaa

    SO no problem at all. I can really say that all the covers are really really fantastic works… Wonder how someone can draw such pictures…!

    Excellent job!

    1. It’s being fixed! The correct size will be up in a week or so. Those tall puppies will be curiosities. :)

      1. So now you must sent me one!!! :-))) I ordered my books today *grins

        1. Something is strange with the reply form. If i enter a website in the form or something else in the area for the website i cannot clear this form. If i write in nothing it returns to earlier inserts..? Probably you can check this and sorry fir hijacking your blof with this feedback!


  3. I’ve just managed track down and buy all the first edition Molly books from various sources (which has cost a bit more being in Australia) but now I so want to add the Jasper artwork series of books to my collection. Just love them! Great work Hugh and Jasper.

  4. Those are awesome!

  5. It’s SO cool seeing the evolution you took for these covers!! People always look at me funny when I say the MF books are my favorites even over Wool (lol I hear the collective gasps!), and it’s so great to see such gorgeous covers for these fantastic books!!

    Plus, I’m itching to get my hands on that new MF book. :D I only saw that this week and it made me dance SO HAPPY!!!!! :D :D ;)

  6. The fourth book reminds me a little of the covers of the Tom Swift books I read as a kid in the 80’s. see

  7. Hugh, for some reason your recent blog posts (I get them on RSS) aren’t showing up on the website. The links in the RSS feed are broken as well.

  8. Love these covers, they complement the books perfectly. Is he doing one for book 5?

    1. Haven’t talked about that. I have a cover for book 5 ready. Posted it somewhere on here. Under “Darkness Deep.”

      1. I never saw it and I can’t find it. I think you posted it on your other website.

  9. So, I have the originals of the first 4. Now, if I buy the Jasper covers…the symmetry will be off for the next book, as I assume that will be released with one of his covers from the outset? Could you do me a favor and design a kind of pathetic amateurish cover for us and release it for a week or so before you more on to Jasper’s cover art?? :-P

    1. LOL!!

      I already did a cover for book 5. :)

      1. Excellent news! Please do release your cover – however briefly. Or, be a wise marketer, and offer it as a special limited edition with cover art by the author.

  10. Sorry if this has already been asked elsewhere and I missed it – are you planning to release the Molly Fyde books in an omnibus edition in the near future? New reader looking at jumping into the series, but hoping to minimize the clutter on my bookshelves if I can help it. :) Thanks in advance!

    1. I might do that in e-book form. It would be a massive e-book, though!

  11. I love how you post things like this. The willingness to share your excitement with your readers is infectious and now I’m excited for you as well.

    They really are beautiful covers. Congratulations!

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