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The Misery of Opaqueness

These last few weeks have been torturous for me. One of my greatest thrills during this writing process has been including you all on every turn of events, every little milestone or shred of good news. I love the transparency of it all. Posting sample chapters, allowing you to read rough drafts, letting you know what I’m working on (even how many words into each project I am). I love it. That’s why, when I have crazy cool news looming but I’m not allowed to say anything, it absolutely drives me nuts.

I’m hoping that changes over the next few weeks. It sounds like one of the pieces of gossip will be officially announced sometime next week (I hope), which means you’ll see me blasting it right here. A second cool development could fall into place around the same time, but there’s no telling when it might be announced. It’ll be a difficult one to sit on if that’s what I have to do.

These, my friends, are the mixed blessings of working with others. When you’re 100% independent, you can gossip all you like. As soon as there are deals and teams in place, you have to abide by their timeframe. Which I totally understand, of course. But understanding this doesn’t make it any easier.

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Come on, Hugh. We promise not to tell more than 3 or 4 of our closest friends…and maybe a co-worker or 2…and our mother…

Maybe just a hint. Does it rhyme with BBC? ;-)

Hehe, arghhh! Coming from someone who is notoriously bad at keeping a secret, I can only imagine the pain you must be feeling by sitting on juicy gossip!

However, I’m also one of those people who never tried to peek at what I was getting for Christmas because I enjoyed the anticipation nearly as much as the act of ripping the paper off. So, rest assured, I forgive you your secrets and will be ecstatic with whatever fabulous news you unveil to us!

Hmmm rhymes with door hinge. I guess it’s not the Lifetime channel, too bad.
A boy, a mere wrencher in the down deep. A girl, a nurse in the mids. After 20 years of life they cross paths. An uncanny resemblance sets these two off on a journey that will change their past, and change their future. A mother, addicted to the blue pills, a father buried in a bottle. The decision to forsake their lottery blessings of twins, putting them up for adoption to forget their dark past, to forget their pain.
This summer tune in to the Lifetime Channel movie “WOOL, Sadness in Silo 18.”
Yeah, I’m with you.

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