The NYC Precopalypse Meet-Up!

I have to say, the first ever WOOL Meet-Up was one helluva blast. The coolest collection of readers showed up, and we sat around and gabbed at The Rye House for hours. In fact, it may be the longest stretch I’ve ever spent in a bar. And after eight or nine waters, I really started flapping my jaw.

We chatted about life, significant others, our travels, our work, other reads, you name it. Every now and then, the conversation would drift to WOOL or Molly and they would tolerate me discussing the writing process, what bad reviews feel like, the challenges of balancing expectations and results, and other nonsense. I brought a handful of T-shirts with me, and these were well-received. I also signed a few copies of the original WOOL and passed them out. I wish I would have had more of these!

It was a really amazing evening. Thanks so much to everyone for coming out. An especial thanks to Jerry, who picked the spot and who pointed out that the Meet-Up was on the tenth pre-anniversary of the great deletion in THE PLAGIARIST. It’s a reminder: Do crazy things while you can. And write more haiku.

9 responses to “The NYC Precopalypse Meet-Up!”

  1. We had a great time last night, Hugh. Thanks for having the meet-up!

  2. I had a great time last night with a lot of insightful discussion. I hope we can do this again next time you are in town.

  3. Same here. It was a blast. We’ll do it again next time I come up.

  4. I’m so pissed I couldn’t be there. I’m supposed to be Hugh’s #1 fan! ARGH!

  5. We need a Boone meetup!

  6. Oh, please do let me know next time you do this in NYC; I would love to come with! Just finished Wool 5. Amazing.

    1. Thanks, Wendi! I hope to get back up this summer. :)

  7. […] down in the Big Apple. I’d love to sit and sip a cold one and chat about what the hell ever. Last time, we had 8 or so readers show up, and it was a blast. We talked about what they did for a living, kids, favorite books, the city, all kinds of stuff. I […]

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