Doing the Time-Warp in Times Square

Here it is, to celebrate 200 Amazon reviews for WOOL:

18 responses to “Doing the Time-Warp in Times Square”

  1. That is a gem. :-)

  2. Congrats! Soon you’ll have 200 five star reviews. By the way, your time warp was much better than Stephen King’s macarena.

    1. Stephen Kind did the Macarena?

      I’m not sure I want to see that. :)

  3. Now that was classic, audience participation too!

  4. Anonymous Coward Avatar

    Yep, Huey, it’s working just fine now. Congrats!

    1. All thanks to you, you Anonymous Coward, you! :)

  5. Only problem is people can be imposters this way….

    1. Yeah, and I’m already seeing the spam, which I have to un-approve. :(

  6. Man, you are such a great writer. I am reading Half Way Home now and it’s such a relief to read something well-written. I read a couple other books since Wool/Plagiarist and I have to say some writers write to confuse or something. Neuromancer, I read it just because after reading your book I guess I’m a sci-fi guy now. Had to read the classics. It was such a pain in the butt to get through. So hard to follow with the authors descriptions and imagination. It was a good story I guess, for the time it came out, but damn it was “work” reading that book. I much rather read everything you write, in fact, I think I’ll just focus on that. Reading everything you have written. Might set the bar too high though. Thanks for everything, like your style. Later.

    1. Ha! Awesome. William Gibson, are you reading this?

  7. Hey! That wasn’t me!

  8. Congrats, Hugh! You and your sister are hilariously awesome.

  9. Sorry Jill, was just experimenting potential flaws… I do think this will get more people to comment though.

  10. Hugh’s sister is, like, the coolest person EVER. IMHO. Dibs on getting to be her in my next life. I *never* looked that good in boots.

  11. It’s not possible to be an imposter on this site, by the way.

  12. I just posted as Hugh. ALL RIGHT, I’M SORRY! I SWEAR, I WON’T DO IT AGAIN!

    You people are ruthless.

  13. OK, OK, last time!!!!

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