Two more weeks, I hope.

FIRST SHIFT: LEGACY is really taking shape. I’m thinking two more weeks and I’ll have a final draft together. It should end up being somewhere between WOOLs 3 and 4 in length (around 30,000 to 40,000 words). What stinks is how many hours I have to put into this just to hear you kids say you read it in a single sitting. How can I possibly keep up?! ;)

My target for having something out is March 31st. It could be a week sooner or a week later. I’m not sure about the price yet. I’d love to price each of the next three at $2.99 and endure the wrath of those who think it’s too short for that price. I may just warn everyone up front that they can hold off until the next trilogy is complete, at which time I’ll combine them for $4.99, which should be fair for the 400 or so pages the combined work should have.

It’s unlike me to get this far along without playing around with cover art. I’ve got some ideas (making it look like a blueprint that wraps around the spine and the back, showing architectural details of a silo), but if anyone has suggestions or wants to toy around with Photoshop, knock yourselves out.

Alright, back at it. This next chapter isn’t going to write itself.

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  1. I like your slogen “Where words become Worlds”. You should trade mark that.

  2. As if anyone could actually wait multiple months to read it just to save a few bucks. Planning on plowing right through on day 1 :)

  3. I’m with timnuoa–let’s race! First one to finish gets to write the first review! ;)

  4. I’ll have to send timnuoa his copy a week early. :P

  5. I was thinking what timnuoa said as I was reading your entry – there’ NO WAY I could wait until they were all in one cheaper book! I’m sure I’ll be buying it the day it comes out.

    I’d tell Hugh to HURRY, except I also want it to be a polished, nicely edited, well done book like the others.

  6. charge 3$ – heck, can’t see a 1.5 hour movie that cheap….. Are you writing now??? What, you need to eat a meal (or sleep, or whatever)….well, OK… but write when you get thru…..

  7. *Runs off to make blueprints*

    *realizes she has no idea how big each silo is technically supposed to me*

    And Yay! I can stop slowing down so much on Wool 5. (I have a tendency to do this when I’m nearing the end of a book or series I particularly enjoy. It’s like the death of a loved one I’m trying hard to avoid. )

  8. If I were a dog, Hugh Howey would get arrested for animal abuse! YOU KNOW IT’S TRUE!

  9. Get back to it! I can’t wait!!!

  10. Can’t wait!

  11. Holy Flankin’ Hyperspace!! Why didn’t anyone tell me how awesome the Molly Fyde series is?!?! I am about to start #4 and I have been in a reading frenzy for a week. These books NEED to be made into movies! The only thing holding me back orignially may have been the covers. At first look, I figured them to be a detective book or something. (guess i should have just read the synopsis)…If anyone on this site was drawn from the Wool series like I was, you owe it to yourself to read Molly Fyde. God I wish I had a Wadi, or better yet a Glemot! “My proximity towards obsession is rapidly increasing”. If anyone reading this hasn’t ready Hugh’s other books (besides WOOL) GET ON IT ALREADY. They are all gold! AWESOME!! LATER!

    1. I’m glad to hear someone’s enjoying them! I worry that the Molly books stink when read post-WOOL. ;)

  12. No! I read Wool first and am now almost finished with Molly Fyde #4 and they are great! And, I agree with GR, They WOULD make great movies!

  13. nope – they don’t stink…you just have to re-gear your brain. GR, read Halfway Home when you finish Molly series…. OOOOweeee good read….

  14. My favorite was The Hurricane. Check that one out too

  15. For the record, I have a Wadi Thoo. Frill. No lie.

  16. I read Half Way Home already, AWESOME. Crazy visuals with that planet. I think I will read The Hurricane next. Loved The Plagiarist too. Oh ya, the end of the Bern Saga was awesome.

  17. btw, I need an illustration on just what exactly hyperspace looks like. I have a really weird cone-shaped mish mash of ideas. How about some illustrations or “character concepts” on Molly Fyde beings. That would be cool.

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