My Crazy Morning

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  1. Nice jammies, dude! And tell Amber my house looks way worse, but I’m not in the midst of a move nor am I achieving world domination. That’s some messy work — no worries!!

  2. Thanks, Ruby! I knew you’d understand.

    And those aren’t my “jammies.” Those are my dancing pants. Haven’t you seen the video?

  3. You always were about finding a human form of dog food to live off of… ok, so am I.

  4. Huge Congrat’s, The howey snowball has reached critical mass! Buried in work here, just wanted to leave a quick message from the dutch front!
    And your house looks like my studio, AFTER i cleaned up!
    congratulations again!!!!!!

  5. I just wanted to say that even thought you may think that this humbling experience you’re going through is solely on your end, it’s somewhat of a similar feeling on this end–the perspective of a fan. There’s something special about watching it all unfold that I’ve never quite witnessed up until now, and it’s been all too surreal. Much like how readers shared the experiences of your characters in your books, by posting these little updates allows us to do the same. Only it’s not fictionalized. It’s real. And we’re seeing happiness unveil itself in a place where it’s sure as hell hard to come by these days.

  6. Wow, you even got /slashdoted today :)

  7. Now that I have to log in, I am no longer PaulE, I am but a single cell again. :) … feels good

    I sure hope all of this new-found and well-deserved fame, doesn’t deter you from publishing I,Zombie in it’s true form (a grotesque, stomach wrenching, only-a-sicko-can-write-this book).

    Since becoming a Woolite late last year, I have watched daily, those precious word counters grow on your sidebar. Watching those makes me feel the same way I do with my nephews and nieces; I get to interact with their parents and provide pitiful suggestions and anecdotes from my own experiences, then get to sit back and watch them grow.

    I would be devestated to see I,Zombie grow up to be an upstanding fine young man. What with all that horrifying dark primal encouragement we, it’s uncles and aunts, have been nourishing it with over the past months. Please tell me you’re going to keep him on the dark path! >)

  8. I don’t think you and normal are going to be seeing much of each other for a while. Wool is about to become a bona-fide fad. See you on Letterman and Ellen soon!

    1. Please have Ellen call me! I LOVE her!

  9. Killer pants.

  10. The 100 reviews dance… well done soulja boy.

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