The Pot Luck Signing Begins

Today is my first day back in the States for six weeks. It’s a testament to how wonderfully jetlagged I am that I’ve been up since 3am, working. The Pot Luck is all about not knowing what you might get, just that it’ll be signed and stamped. But those of you who made requests, we’re doing everything we can to get in the ballpark of what you want.

We have some extra items here, so if you get more than you asked for, that’s why. There’s going to be a lot of craziness going on. With this many packages, one or two are going to be lost or returned back here or damaged. It’s just statistics. We’re talking nearly a thousand boxes and envelopes going out! I apologize in advance if your package is affected. We’ll get something out to you to make up for it.

Domestic shipping will be a mix of Priority flate-rate boxes and Media Mail. It could take a week or so to get your item, and items might not all be shipped out until next Monday or Tuesday. So be patient! And share those unboxing videos with all your epic disappointment! And for everyone who requested the “Ugly Wool,” your chances are roughly 1 in a 1,000. Not very good. But someone’s gotta win, right? :)

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  1. After all the amazon I get delivered to my house, my roommate is going to be very suspicious when I ask him to film me opening this particular box. Can’t wait to see what I end up with!


    Yesterday, I met a gentleman and the experience touched me greatly…

    It began the day before with a horrendous journey, a train ride from my home town in the northwest of England to Liverpool train station. I should of realised when the train pulled into view and dozens of people were peering out of the windows and doors that this was a train to avoid, but alas, my connecting train wouldn’t wait for us if we waited for the next one to arrive. My wife and I were travelling light, two pull along small cases, one for our overnight stay, and one for my books. The doors opened and we squeezed somehow into a gap for the onward journey. Everyone was jovial, wise cracks coming from all directions about garlic breath and bodily outlets, but isn’t that just typically human nature that we make the best of a bad situation and soldier on regardless?

    Of course what we hadn’t realised, was the ‘ three queen’s ‘ were in Liverpool for Cunard’s 175th aniversary, and the previous and subsequent trains would be exactly the same. An hour later everyone spilled out on to the platform rubbing numb arms, legs and seized joints. The next part of the journey had to be better.

    We boarded the train for London Euston and it was a breeze in comparison, a few crude cups of coffee and a plastic sandwich thrown in, and we arrived in London. A tube to Hounslow West and a Taxi to our Hotel, and we’d made it.

    Early next morning, after a mix up getting a taxi and the inevitable wait, whilst the wife ‘adjusted her eye-liner’ etc. we were on-route to Heathrow Airport through the morning crush of traffic. The reply from my intended last point of contact, on my embarrassment of lateness was, ” No Problem, I’m having a coffee and doing a bit of writing”.

    Twenty minutes later, we walked into ‘Arrivals’ and sat on a chair with a beaming smile was the man himself, Mr Hugh C Howey.

    What this guy had given up in terms of time, coming through security and customs, and a whole lot of personal sacrifice, for me, a reader, was truly humbling.

    We chatted briefly about his books, books in general, family, interests and goals, while my good lady wife kept the ‘English Tea’ supplied.

    I can honestly say the experience was not what I expected, I felt as if I was chatting to an old school friend, rather than a world famous Author. Thank you for being a ‘Regular Guy’ Hugh.

    As for ‘Chasing The Dream’ I realised a few years ago that my Dream has already been found. A beautiful caring wife who supports me at all times, two beautiful children and a terrific family life, I want for nothing, because I now realise, ‘The Dream’ is being at peace with yourself and enjoying all the positive things around you that everyone has, contentment is the dream, and I have found it now, though in my younger years, I searched, travelled and sacrificed, only to find what I thought was my dream, was short lived, and off I would go again, in search of what I couldn’t, see was already here in my heart.

    My trip was the icing on the cake, an enhancement of my dream, which will stay as a fond memory and conversation piece from now on, from a completely genuine, selfless and most considerate human being to grace this planet.

    Sail on my friend, and find your dream !!!

    1. kathy czarnecki Avatar
      kathy czarnecki

      What a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing that with us.

    2. Paul, it was so awesome hanging out with the two of you. Thanks for traveling so far to make it happen.

    3. This is so awesome, congrats on the amazing experience Paul, very envious! Hugh, if you’re ever in Toronto in the near future, I’d love the same opportunity!

  3. You’re hughmongously awesome! ;) Just saying.

  4. Oh man! Completely missed this. :(

  5. If you sign mine soon, I’d love a sneak peek!!!

  6. What he’s not telling you all is that he secretly had 1,000 copies of Ugly Wool printed at his own expense, so that each and every person will receive a copy in his or her shipment, thus continuing the Hugh Howey Experience ™ of making every fan feel important and personally invested in his success. World conquest may just be the tip of the iceberg with this one…

  7. I clearly missed something awesome here…

  8. Received today my Pot Luck goody — a very cool Czech edition of the Wool Omnibus. At last I have an excuse to learn the Czech language (Czechian? Czechish? Czechese?) Thanks, Hugh! I can feel my brain cells doing the Five Tibetans right now!

  9. YES!!! Thanks so much Hugh!! I got my box today and I’m so stoked! Sorry no video (I wasn’t gonna wait for my husband to come home before I opened it.) :) You rock!!

  10. Wooooooo hooooo! My package made it all the way to the Rocky Mountains already! I now have a regular signed Dust to go with my ugly signed Dust! And a bonus Molly Fyde sheet! Coooooooooool!

  11. I got my potluck item today! I laughed pretty hard at the random Swedish(?) Wool book 4, and the random package with blood on it plus manuscript page with editor notes. So mission accomplished since I requested something funny and/or weird!

  12. Today the porters of the USPS made it all the way to southern California with my pot luck package. Inside, a signed copy of Sand (looks to be the UK omnibus version) and a Molly Fyde manuscript page. It’ll look right at home on the shelf with my Wool, Shift and Dust paperbacks. Cheers to you, Hugh!

  13. I would post this to your page on your Facebook page, but apparently one can’t do that as a mere follower/fan : )

    Thank you so much, Hugh! I love my Czech (?) copy of the Silo Omnibus and…the manuscript page!! The manuscript page will be framed.

    Hope you all enjoy the video, and good luck with your packages!

    1. Some editor I am. I mean, “I would post to your Facebook page, but…” Anyway, thanks again!!

  14. Oh my God, got my box of goodies today and almost started crying! Manuscript pages from Wool?!!! And the full collection of the Silo series including one in a foreign language! I’m so unbelievably stoked right now I want to leave work just so I can go home and nerd out. You’re the best Hugh, thank you so much!

  15. Got my potluck package today – perfect!! Just what I wanted – a fallout shelter USB – PLUS extra goodies of a signed paperback of one of my favorite books – Hurricane, plus a couple of random pages with editing notes.

    So stoked!! Fair winds to you sir – enjoy the boat!

  16. Got mine in yesterday. Here’s my unpackaging video:

    1. Oh, and Hugh, thanks for the seashell! Didn’t see that little guy at first, he was sitting in the bottom of the package. Very cool.

  17. Hi there,

    sorry, i ripped it open outside right beside the letterbox about 2 seconds after getting my grubby hands on it… so no unboxing video, sorry.
    I’m stunned though!!! not only did i get something i read (which i had hoped for) but a lot of extras too!!!!! :)

    i’ll laminate the random wool script page to preserve it for eternity! ;)

    thanks a lot Hugh and safe sailings!!!!!!

  18. I’ve never been a voracious reader, but when I first picked up Wool book 1, I couldn’t stop and then could hardly wait for the next book to come out. After finishing that whole series, plus Sand and many other titles of yours, I will cheerfully pick up anything you write and be confident that I’ll enjoy it. This pot luck package was so awesome. 2 books I can’t read (Finnish Shift + German Half Way Home), a poster, a manuscript page, and a fallout shelter USB drive.

    I feel fortunate to have found you & your writings. This was so generous on your part. Thank you!

  19. Thank you for the awesomeness which made it’s way to England!

  20. My Pot Luck package arrived in Hong Kong today! Thank you so much, Hugh. This is such a cool thing you did. Here’s my unboxing video:

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