The Starship Parsona

Wow. Just… wow.

Document #3,549,018. Why in the world such a vital piece of evidence would be so deep in The Reader, have no searchable tags, and not be active-linked to any other document is beyond me. It’s almost as if the schematic was slipped in at the last minute, with no time to reference it elsewhere.

The first thing I did was go back to every description of the ship that I’d already tagged. It all conforms perfectly to the layout seen here. I have no reason to believe that this isn’t a perfect representation of the starship Parsona.

Curious is the absence of bathrooms and a “utility room” mentioned in several of Molly’s diary entries. I’m assuming these minor details were not deemed necessary for this particular drawing. I also find it a bit confusing that the schematic is specific to this one ship (with the name stenciled on the starboard wing) rather than a generic manufacturer’s drawing.

Several passages in my first narrative will have to be tweaked slightly, as my visualization of certain scenes is now improved. Also, I had no idea where the escape pods were located, but it makes perfect sense to have them in the floor, with so much fuselage space below-decks for mechanical systems.

I’m too giddy to write. This ship has come to mean so much to me… to see it, to know its shape… it’s exhilarating.

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