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The Weekender!

Off to Wales for a science fiction getaway, joined by my esteemed editor, Jack Fogg. We are about to make our second attempt to reach the convention. This morning, we were turned away by damage to train tracks at the Euston station. I’ve had a Jack Johnson song in my head ever since.

Hoping to take some fun pics at the convention. Please tell me UK science fiction fans dress up for these things. Please, please, please.

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Dress up for this? Are we talking Saville Row here, Marks and Spencers or Rag Day? I would dress up as Solo and bring my three cats, (They all want the part in the movie, mind you.) I am afraid I am loyal to the Queen in another country in the comonwealth, so I can’t make an appearance. Good luck though, what are you dressing as?

Wales is definitely Dr Who country. I think you will see lots of fans of The Doctor. Take pictures

I bought this book at the SciFi weekend’s yesterday and have just finished it! Now I NEED the next installment. How else do you expect me to sleep tonight !!!

HI Hugh I was the guy at the Sci Fi weekender in Wales who told you on stage that Wool (Omnibus) was was of the best books I’d ever read.Now just waiting for The Shift to come out in the UK ! ps; did you stay for the party that night when 100’s of people dressed as Aliens did the Harlem Shuffle on the stage ? – weird !

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